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The NLMD was formed in 1994 as a tool to assist the livestock industry to improve profitability and to help the industry take control of its own information.

Free electronic holding register

The NLMD now provides a free electronic, multiple species holding register with basic management information recording. Holding owners who want to report electronically to ARAMS, BCMS, EIDCymru or ScotEID can configure NLMD to automatically submit their data. More advanced management information recording is available by annual subscription after an initial free, no obligation trial period. Save time by recording information using one of our free smartphone apps.

FarmWorks users already have extensive farm management features but can use the NLMD to secure their farm data and collaborate with other producers.

Information stored on NLMD is secured and only available to whom you chose to share it with.

The NLMD offers different levels of access to suit different producers. Producers on any level can use the system through the NLMD-LT web site or the Stock Move Express smartphone app. The different levels are explained below.

Free Features
  • Record births/tagging
  • Record animal details.
  • Record movements
  • Record on farm deaths
  • Maintain sheep holding register and cattle herd register
  • Forward statutory data to ARAMS, BCMS, EIDCymru or ScotEID.
  • Manage multiple holdings.
  • View or print statutory and management reports
Premium Subscription Features
  • Record weights and monitor DLWG
  • Record medicine purchases.
  • Record medicine treatments.
  • Maintain and produce medicine book.
  • Record and report comments about animals.
  • Group animals into management groups.
  • Free 3 month trial avaialble - try before you buy.
  • Record management tags / names / brand numbers

Flow of data between NLMD, ScotEID and Farmer

For free online electronic holding register visit

For farmworks users visit

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