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EID Antennas

The antenna is a key component for effective operation of an EID system but its importance is often overlooked. The orientation of the EID device being presented to the antenna is critical. And if the device is moving parallel to the antenna, it will need to be closer to be read, in most cases. This is why we always advise people to make sure they are being supplied either with twin antennas or with a portal antenna to stand the best chance of every single chip being read. Development work is being carried out to switch the orientation from one antenna to the other, making it virtually impossible for an animal not to be read.

When buying antennas

As a rule, if you are using a single antenna to read sheep on a run-through basis you could miss reads. It does not matter as much if the animal enters a crate and has to remain until it is read. For the best chance of a secure read, choose twin antennas or for a portal antenna configuration through which the animal must pass.

Shearwell Static Antenna

Use with our Race Reader to detect and read EID devices in livestock.

Combine this, the Race Reader, and the Stock Recorder to make automatic hands-free data capture a reality.

The antenna:

  • creates a localised field in which the EID device is detected
  • covers all orientations
  • fits over a race or crate
  • is both portable and durable enough to be moved from one location to another

Dimensions: 62 cm x 50 cm x 0.8 cm

Race Antenna
Sheep Race Antenna
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