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Shearwell Stock Recorder

The Handheld Stock Recorder is used as a datalogger for capturing data on the farm. It is usually supplied with an integrated reader and has Bluetooth capability for linking to other readers, weighing systems and an automatic drafting crate. The Stock Recorder with integrated reader provides the user with not only a handheld reader, but also an extremely versatile and easy-to-use handheld computer to record and view stock information out in the field. The Stock Recorder can be supplied without the internal reader, but with a stick reader if a longer reach is required. This can be especially useful with cattle or bolused sheep.

It has a touch screen and the alphanumeric keypad can be used to type in tag numbers or management tag numbers if no EID is present. Notes can be recorded against individual animals and these can be prompted to appear the next time the animal is handled.  They will be transmitted to FarmWorks by SDL as well as added automatically to the animal’s individual records.

This reader is fully compatible with the ISO standards 11784 and 11785 and reads both HDX and FDX-B transponders (electronic ear tags, boluses and implants). It has a read range of 20 cm.

Its use ensures that data is captured easily and for those wishing to read transponders using a handheld reader it allows information to be collected using only one hand. It is especially useful when recording births or one off events such as movements and treatments when it is impractical to pass the animal through a race to read it with the Race Reader. A hand strap can be fitted to the Stock Recorder to minimise the risk of the unit being dropped accidentally.

The handheld has a large memory capacity and can hold up to 500,000 animals. This allows additional information to be viewed readily, such as progeny, weight history, movement history, treatment history and more.

The Stock Recorder allows multiple records to be recorded without the need for uploading and downloading to save space. The unit can record information on farm such as calving/lambing, treatments, TB testing, tupping/service, pregnancy scanning, movements and weights (everyday weighing, 8-week, 21-week and wean weights). The last three weights and dates weighed will also be displayed. It can be used to draft animals either automatically using an auto draft crate or manually using existing manual set ups. The screen identifies which way the animal should be parted by an arrow on screen and by a voice command that can also be sent by Bluetooth to headphones.

This information can be downloaded onto FarmWorks by Shearwell Data to produce full management reports that will help to identify the most productive animals.

Creating a link at birth (or shortly after) between the dam and the progeny is important for both the pedigree and commercial farmer. Those who performance-record have accurate records to export for analysis. Commercial farmers and pedigree breeders can build up a picture of animals that are performing well or otherwise – for example those that have had a single lamb for two or three years running and those that have two or more. This information can be used to help select replacements and to cull unproductive stock. Lambing and calving traits can be recorded at birth to identify mothering ability, milk at birth, lambing/calving ease and lamb/calf vigour.

Health traits can be identified easily and used to help select replacement lambs / calves for breeding. Recording a health problem on the Handheld that may be hereditary will allow FarmWorks to find progeny from dams and sires which have problems. These calves and lambs can then be identified on the handheld.

FarmWorks by Shearwell Data has a cattle module, an individual sheep module and a flock module and caters for pedigree farmers, commercial breeders and finishers.

Recording weights using EID reduces time and provides a fast accurate method of capturing this information. Using Bluetooth wireless communications, the weigh head will send weight information to the Handheld Stock Recorder which will display the current weight and the last four weights on screen. The full weight history of the animal can be viewed in its individual records on the Handheld or FarmWorks.

Holding registers, AML1s and Movement books are automatically completed within FarmWorks on upload from the Handheld.

The Handheld Stock Recorder is an invaluable tool to assist with the management of livestock for day to day management, for the breeding selection purposes and for recording statutory information.


  • Holds all of your stock – all cattle and all sheep – up to 500,000 animals
  • Holds all of the actions needed without having to upload and download in between
    • Lambing / calving
    • Weighing
    • Treatments
    • Deaths
    • Movements
    • Purchases
    • Sales
    • Service / tupping
    • Pregnancy scanning
    • TB testing
    • Drafting – facility to draft manually using the Psion and existing gates, or to link to an automatic drafting crate
  • Data can be recorded electronically or manually using either the electronic tag, the visual ear tag or a management tag number
  • Historical data – historical data can be viewed for individual animals
    • Progeny
    • Weights
    • Treatments
  • Comments can be recorded against individual animals. These can be prompted to appear next time the animal is handled.
  • Warnings displayed if an animal is still in drug retention
  • Can be used with mobile printer for printing lists of animals out in the field

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