SDL400S / SDL440S EID Stick Reader

Easily read and store EID tag numbers

A Stick Reader from Shearwell Data comes complete with everything you'll need to get started.

This is what you get:

  • Shearwell Stick Reader
  • 4 x AA rechargeable battery pack
  • AA battery charger
  • 240V adaptor cable for charger
  • 12V adaptor cable for charger
  • PC software on CD for a Windows PC that can be used to retrieve data from your Shearwell Stick Reader, allowing you to:
    • Save the data as a text file (.txt extension)
    • Save the data in spreadsheet format (.xls file extension)
    • New Feature! Save the data to the clipboard for pasting into a website form or another application (Use the clipboard feature for, e.g. easy submission of lists of sheep to ARAMS and NLMD-LT.)
  • Stick Reader Manual

You can also download the latest version of the software and the manual from the Stick Reader support page.

There are two variants:

  • The red-handled SDL400S is for use with our Stock Recorder, our mini printer, Microsoft Windows PCs and Mac via Bluetooth and with our apps on AndroidTM devices
  • The blue-handled SDL440S has all the features and connectivity of the SDL400S and adds the capability to work with our apps on iPhone® & iPad®.

If you need a Bluetooth dongle for your Windows PC, we can supply these. See the related products section below.


Stick Reader Configuration and Data Capture Apps

SDL Connect

For Windows®

SDL Connect

For Mac®

EID Connect

For Android™

EID Connect

For iPhone®
Stick Reader
SDL400S - Red Handle
Stick Reader
SDL440S - Blue Handle


Optional equipment such as the plastic carrying case is available through the Related Products links below.

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SDL400S EID Stick Reader
SDL400S EID Stick Reader

This stick reader can be used with our Stock Recorder, our mobile printer, with an Android™ device running one of our Android™ Apps and with a Windows PC, Mac® or Laptop equipped with Bluetooth.

£500.00 excl VAT
£600.00 inc VAT

Stock Code: SDL410-M-KT
SDL440S EID Stick Reader
SDL440S EID Stick Reader

This stick reader offers all the same functionality as the SDL400S and in addition supports Bluetooth communication with an iPhone® or iPad® running our Stock Move Express App.

£550.00 excl VAT
£660.00 inc VAT

Stock Code: SDL440-M-KT
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