Calf Colostrum Double Strength - 200g bag

Nettex Double Strength Calf Colostrum

• UK full fat colostrum
• Give to calves when not receiving sufficient or poor quality maternal colostrum (Including orphaned calves, and calves born to heifers
• Concentrated high protein
• Supplement to give calves a strong start
• Contains added minerals, vitamins and protein
• Give as soon as possible after birth as maximum absorption occurs in the first 2 hours of life
• New pack with 85% less plastic
• Sold in single packs of 200g

£24.00 excl VAT
When using as a supplement - 
To supplement maternal colostrum, add 500ml of warm (45°C) water to the 200g of powder. Mix until powder is completely dissolved. Make up to 1 litre with further warm water.
Administer by bottle and teat or stomach tube. When calves have received minimal maternal colostrum repeat feeds may be necessary.

Storage - 
Keep out of the sight and reach of children.  Store between 5° and 25°C out of direct sunlight. Always read full instructions.

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