Calf Jacket / Coat - Cosy Calf

Sturdy, breathable and water-repellent protective calf coat

When the temperature drops, calves need more energy to generate body heat and have less for growth and combating disease. A proper-fitting calf coat makes a real difference.

Available in small and large sizes, this Cosy Calf quality calf jacket is made of a tough 600D (Denier) Oxford fabric outer, with a 200 g insulating filler and a 210D lining. (The denier rating refers to the density of the fibre.) It is premium quality, with two adjustable leg straps, a chest closer and two adjustable belly straps - all to ensure a comfortable, non-chafe fit. There is even leather trim where the back of the calf’s neck might otherwise rub.

Machine washable at 40 - 50 degrees C and available in two sizes, this is the calf jacket you should choose to help your calves thrive and to reduce the risk of scours and pneumonia caused by chills or draughts.

Can be left on as long as the jacket fits.

The Cosy Calf coat is supplied with washing instructions and advice on best practice.

Picture of Cosy Calf - Small Jacket (Jersey)
Cosy Calf - Small Jacket (Jersey)

Neck to tail: 63cm – 25in
Along bottom Inc. front flaps: 80cm – 31.5in
Width: 63cm – 25in

£22.00 excl VAT
Picture of Cosy Calf - Large Jacket (Holstein/beef breeds)
Cosy Calf - Large Jacket (Holstein/beef breeds)

Neck to tail: 74cm – 29in
Along bottom Inc. front flaps: 93cm – 37in
Width: 78cm – 31in

£22.00 excl VAT
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