Calf Kick Start

Net-Tex Calf Kick Start is a fast-acting potent energy drink. 240 ml plastic bottle (Eight calf size - 8 x 30ml doses) Pdf IconSAFETY DATA SHEET
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Net-Tex Calf Kick Start is a fast-acting potent energy and nutritional boost for lethargic calves that are off their feed (or feet) or simply do not thrive. Calf Kick Start reverses the effects of stress i.e. travelling, movement, loneliness, and gets calves thriving and feeding fast.

No other energy and nutritional boost works as quickly or effectively – Calf Kick Start:

  • Increases energy, appetite and aggressive suckling.
  • Rapidly delivers essential vitamins, minerals and energy directly into the bloodstream.
  • Increases hardiness and survivability of weak calves.

Calf Kick Start contains COL-LATE Technology, a patented process that causes an intermolecular bonding to occur between each of the nutrients and the energy base. This allows the source of the energy to become an effective carrier of the essential nutrients directly to the bloodstream of the animal. Within 30 minutes, 50% of the nutrients are delivered into the animal’s bloodstream providing a surge of energy and nutritional feed.

Many weak calves show a dramatic response to just 30ml of Calf Kick Start. Each dose carries essential nutrients and is a concentrated source of energy, which is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream of the unthrifty calf within minutes of administration.

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