Christmas Gifts

Shearwell Beanie Hat

One size black 100% acrylic double layer knitted beanie hat.
Turn up with embroidered Shearwell logo.
A winter essential!

Introductory price £3.00
Price from 22 December £4.00

£3.00 excl VAT

Traditional Lamb Foot Pocket Knife - 3 1/2''

Traditional rounded tip Lamb Foot pocket knife with straight edge

Made in Sheffield using high carbon stainless steel, these knives keep a very sharp edge. The straight cutting edge makes for good controllability. The imitation stag horn handles provide a firm grip and are very durable and the 3.5 inch blade length makes them a versatile round-the-farm tool.

£10.50 excl VAT £9.45 excl VAT

Lambing Essentials Kit

Great for first-time and experienced lambers.

We’ve put together this handy kit with those easily forgotten but always needed items to get you started this season. Great for first-time and experienced lambers.

£55.00 excl VAT £44.00 excl VAT


The Porcichew provides an enriched environment for pigs.

The UK Farm Assurance Schemes now demand that all intensively reared pigs have suitable 'enrichment' to keep them occupied.

Porcichew is designed to give consistent pig interaction over a number of months.

Porcichew offers variety
Available in 8 different food grade colours and 8 different food grade scents - all trialled at farm level.

Colour / Scent

Gold / Truffle
Black / Liquorice
Burgundy / Aniseed
Green / Apple
Light Brown / Malt
Yellow / Vanilla
Orange / Toffee
Brown / Chocolate

The flavours/scents are uniquely encapsulated throughout the product so that the more a pig bites, the more scent is released.

From £5.70 excl VAT

Shearwell Spray Marker 400ml

Green, red, blue and orange 400ml spray marker cans

Our new Shearwell Spray Marker is an all-weather, long-lasting aerosol marker for general use in sheep and lamb identification, and as a multi-purpose dairy cow flank and udder marker. Shearwell Spray Marker is an accredited, fully scourable stock marker approved by the BWMB ( British Wool Marketing Board). The spray pattern from the nozzle is excellent for neat marking of lambs.

Ideal for sorting, grading, scanning or pairing ewes with lambs at birth.

From £2.80 excl VAT

5 LED Head Torch with batteries

Detachable light with integral magnet for mounting on metal surfaces.

When you‘re working in unlit areas and need to keep both hands free, try this economical 5 LED Head Torch. Supplied with 3 x AAA batteries. This is a great torch to have around.

- 5 Ultra bright LED lights.
- Lightweight construction.
- Adjustable & detachable head strap.
- Integral magnet for mounting on metal surfaces.

It has 3 settings: a) each LED flashing one after the other. b) all LEDs flashing together. c) all LEDs on.

£9.99 excl VAT £7.49 excl VAT

Shearwell LED Light Cap

5 powerful LED cap light.

Keep your head dry and see what you’re doing in the dark!

When you’ve tried one of these superb caps you’ll wonder however you coped before. The cap is comfortable and stylish and the strip of 5 LEDs in the peak projects a bright beam of light. You can keep both hands free and still see what you’re doing - when lambing. calving, gathering logs. The battery is fully replaceable. WARNING: Once you’ve tried one, you won't ever want to be without again!

£4.00 excl VAT £3.00 excl VAT

Icelander thermal gloves

Robust, hard-wearing gloves for cold weather conditions

Our fully fleece lined Icelander Thermal Gloves feature a split leather palm teamed with a grain leather back, making them the perfect choice if you’re working in chilled environments or cold stores.

- Conforms to EN 388 levels 3-1-3-3
- Conforms to EN 511 levels 1-2-X
- Split leather front
- Grain leather back
- Full fleece liner
- Ribbed knit wrist
- Azo free (free from dyes derived from amino conpounds)

£6.99 excl VAT £6.29 excl VAT

Shearwell Clear Lamb Macs - 100 Pack

100 Biodegradable Clear Lamb Macs Slip-over lamb macs keep young lambs protected from wind and rain.

Protecting young lambs from the wind and rain helps them to thrive. These clear macs are easy to fit and they stay on securely until they naturally biodegrade. Also useful if particularly bad weather is forecast to give temporary additional protection. Back by popular demand: double the strength, double the protection.

Back on the market due to popular demand.

£15.50 excl VAT £11.63 excl VAT
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Shearwell is a founder member of ALIDMA, the industry body for UK animal identification manufacturers and suppliers