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Te Pari - Docking Cradle

This secure docking cradle has a centre-pivoting design which releases lambs feet first. Mount it on a fence or panel. It is quick to use and has adjustable legs.

£350.00 excl VAT

Te Pari - Docking Iron

Te Pari Docking Iron

The Te Pari Scissor Action Docking Iron allows you to dock lambs almost anywhere, without needing to position a baseboard under the tail.

Surgical docking is less stressful to the lambs, and the searing process leaves a clean, sealed wound. Animal lamb losses through infection and fly strike can be reduced.

• The high-wind model has a large jet and burner system so that it is virtually wind-proof.
• The copper alloy searing head heats up quickly and maintains its temperature.
• A holder deflects spent gas back over the cutting head. This minimizes cooling and gas wastage.

Product Codes
HighWind Docking Iron: SOL-TPDKI-HW
Docking Iron Heatshield: SOL-THSFDI

From £25.00 excl VAT

Te Pari - Patesco Docking Iron

Based on the standard docking iron, this Te Pari Patesco Docking Iron treats the end of the tail so that the upper surface of the end of the tail heals with bare skin rather than wool.

The bare area at the top of the end of the tail is large enough to prevent wool growing and dropping over the end of the docked tail allowing dags to form.

• Patented rotating anvil system stretches wool during docking process.
• Improved leverage and balance.
• Copper searing head for excellent heat retention.
• Unique handle linkage system.
• LPG fired.

• Leaves end of tail with no wool hanging over it.
• Helps prevent dag formation.

£640.00 excl VAT

Te Pari - Tailing / Docking Chute

Rollmaster Tailing Chutes

• Portable, easy to use and maintenance-free.

• Features an innovative 'eve-roller' design that is easier and less stressful on the lambs.

• Lambs from 2 weeks to 3 months can be handled in this chute with adjustments made easily and quickly for different sized animals.

• Loading and unloading is simple and you can work on 4-5 lambs at a time with room for multiple operators.

• Ideal for drenching, ear marking, tailing, docking, castration and inoculation.

• Easy to set up, fold down and transport around the farm.

• Manufactured from electroplated steel with heavy-duty polyethylene rollers for long, trouble-free use.

• Proven performance with over 20 years on the market.

Please call the office on 01643 841611 to order or for delivery charges to your area.

Product Codes
Standard Model with Tipper: SOL-TPTCWTS

From £1,600.00 excl VAT
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