ECO-MATIC® automatic syringe with bottle attachment 5 ml, Luer Lock fitting

Strong, automatic self-filling syringe. Easy, durable and safe to use.

• Premium-quality plastic syringe with durable plastic barrel.
• Metal needle fitting for longer life.
• Accurate and continuously-variable dosage adjustment.
• Great performance at a great price.
• Ergonomic design makes it more comfortable to use.
• Durable plastic basket for secure attachment of medication bottle.
• Quick-change of medication bottles.
• Bottle sizes up to 100 ml.
• Designed so that simple boiling is guaranteed to disinfect both syringe and tube.

This automatic syringe is easy, comfortable and safe to use. Intended for use with bottles, change over of medication is quick and simple. The bottle is held securely in the durable plastic basket and following use, the whole syringe and tube can be immersed in boiling water for disinfection.

£22.00 excl VAT
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