Instant Calf Colostrum

Instant Calf Colostrum – with Free Calf Feeder Bottle and Teat.

Easy mix colostrum sourced from EBL and Johnes-free herds.

When you have weak or small calves, you can give them an immediate energy boost with Net-Tex Instant Whole Colostrum. It is very high in IgG antibodies that help the calf fight disease. The addition of beneficial bacteria and egg proteins also gives the animal protection against gut-based pathogens that could be harmful. When there is little or no colostrum available from the mother, this Instant Colostrum makes an ideal, complete and balanced feed for calves.

Our offer comprises one complete feed of Instant Calf Colostrum and a FREE Calf Feeder Bottle with Teat. No need to search for a separate, sterilized bottle and teat, just add a litre of warm water, shake well and it’s ready to use.

£22.00 excl VAT
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