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NLMD-LT - Online Record Keeping

NLMD-LT is ideal for farmers in Great Britain when keeping statutory records. It is an online service which provides a free electronic, multiple species holding register with basic management information recording.

The optional, premium version adds additional management information for animals, a medicine book and weight recording.

Manage Statutory Records With NLMD-LT

  • Free, online holding or herd register
  • Link effortlessly to ARAMS, BCMS, EIDCymru and ScotEID
  • Record management data: breed, gender, progeny etc.
  • Integrate with optional Stick Reader and Stock Move Express Mobile App for full data control when out on the farm

 And with an annual subscription to our premium package you can also:

  • Record animal weights for, e.g. registering daily weight gain and monitoring performance
  • Record medicine purchases and treatments
  • Generate medicine book
  • Record comments on individual animals and groups
  • Get business hours phone support
  • Record management tags / names / brand numbers

The inclusion of weight recording is a major and much-requested addition for premium subscribers and we have worked to make adding this data as flexible as possible to suit your particular preference and working practice. You can add weight data by:

  • entering the weight of each animal manually on the NLMD-LT website
  • uploading a CSV file (like a spreadsheet) of animals and their weights
  • using the Stock Move Express for Android app to collect weights manually or using a compatible EID reader and a weigh head

Why should I record weights on NLMD-LT?

If you are not already routinely recording weights and monitoring the weight history there are many ways that consistent weight trend information can be used to your advantage in optimizing livestock performance.

Subscription to the premium service is just £30 per year

A free, no obligation three month trial period is available for the premium package. This allows you to try the features out before deciding whether to subscribe or not.

Please click here to find out more about NLMD.

If you are looking for more extensive farm management software, see FarmWorks by SDL.

Picture of Statutory functionality
Statutory functionality

Basic Functionally - FREE

Find out more info here: NLMD-LT web site.
£0.00 excl VAT
Picture of Premium functionality annual subscription
Premium functionality annual subscription

Please note that this is an annual subscription. Orders received through our online shop will be processed the next working day whenever possible. When we process your order we will email you details of how to activate your NLMD-LT account.

We don't store your credit card details so we will email you a reminder when your subscription is due for renewal. You can either buy the renewal through this page or phone us to make alternative arrangements on your account.

If you haven't already done so you can start your 3 month free trial by visiting the NLMD-LT web site.

£30.00 excl VAT
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