Shearwell Shed Essentials Bucket

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Get your shed stocked up with this Shearwell Shed Essentials Kit.

Full of useful products that you are always looking for in the farm shed.

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Product Description

What’s in the kit and why

  1. Scoop & Pour Bucket – 14 litre capacity, with a flat edge to scoop feed efficiently and a lip for accurate pouring.
  2. Shearwell Spray Marker 400 ml – 2 cans each of green, red, blue and orange 400 ml spray marker cans.
  3. Traditional Lamb's Foot Pocket Knife – Made in Sheffield using high carbon stainless steel, these knives keep a very sharp edge.
  4. Kruuse Disposable Syringe (30ml) – Delivered in sterile packaging, Kruuse disposable syringes are designed to administer livestock medication precisely and with minimal stress to the animal.
  5. Hypodermic Needles (18g ½ inch) – 12 in each pack. Multi-use hypodermic needles for use on livestock. These fit to syringe above.
  6. Supersharp Lightweight Footrot Shears – Lightweight, super-sharp footrot shears for tending lambs' and sheep's feet.
  7. Disposable gloves – Arm length gloves are essential for the shed, calving or lambing. Fit either hand. Highly popular.
  8. Foot Master, Antibacterial Purple Spray – Antibacterial formula for foot care.
  9. Obstetrical Lubricant – 500 ml Bottle. Indispensable. When calving, lambing, kidding or farrowing, this is a must for the shed and when manual intervention is required.
  10. V-Flex Bandages – 1 green and 1 black, V-Flex bandage is easy to apply, self-adhesive and water resistant.
  11. Digital Thermometer – Accurate, easy-read digital thermometer for livestock use.
  12. Shearwell Beanie Hat – One size, black, 100% acrylic double-layer knitted beanie hat.
  13. Measuring Jug (1 Litre) – Jugs for accurate mixing of additives and feed supplements.
  14. Whisk – Sturdy 30cm, 10-wire steel whisk. Because proper mixing of colostrum and supplements is essential.

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