Serrated Footrot Shears + Purple Spray - Special Offer

Buy these serrated Supersharp footrot shears together with the purple spray and enjoy a 10% price saving! .

The shears have proved very popular with farmers in real-world field conditions. Tough but also comfortable, they produce a good, clean cut on hooves. The Foot Master purple spray is the finishing touch to disinfect and support the animal's foot health.

£17.10 excl VAT

Supersharp Footrot Shears + Purple Spay - Special Offer

Buying the Supersharp footrot shears & the purple spray together will save you 10%

Teflon-coated steel blades, these foot rot shears last for years, simple blade lock to prevent opening accidently, foot trimming is made easy with the right tools. Incorporating the Foot Master purple spray to disinfect & rapidly support the health of the foot.

£15.25 excl VAT

Serrated Supersharp Footrot Shears

These Serrated Supersharp Footrot Shears have been highly rated by farmers and shepherds during field tests.

With tough yet comfortable resin handles and featuring high carbon steel blades which have been heat treated, they produce a clean cut on even hard hooves. The shears operate with an easy action, can be locked single-handed and they have a carry loop.

£12.00 excl VAT

Shearwell Footrot Shears

Lightweight Footrot Shear

Manufactured for Shearwell, these lightweight shears are for routine foot trimming and treating footrot problems. They are highly effective and the narrow pointed blades are useful for treating those hard to reach, inter-digital areas.

£6.50 excl VAT

Shepherd's Crooks

Long, short and double-ended crooks available

Product Codes
Crook, Double Ended: SOL-DLNC
Crook, Long: SOL-LNC
Crook, Short: SOL-SNC

From £12.00 excl VAT

Supersharp Lightweight Footrot Shears

Lightweight, super sharp footrot shears for tending lambs' and sheep's feet

With adjustable blade tension, robust comfortable resin handles and high carbon, Teflon-coated steel blades, these footrot shears will last for years. There is a simple blade lock to prevent them opening accidentally as well as a carrying strap. Foot trimming is easy with the right tools and these make a perfect addition to your shepherding tool kit.

£9.95 excl VAT
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