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Shepherd's Crooks

Long, short and double-ended crooks available

Product Codes
Crook, Double Ended: SOL-DLNC
Crook, Long: SOL-LNC
Crook, Short: SOL-SNC

Picture of Shepherd's Crook, Double Ended
Shepherd's Crook, Double Ended

Length - 145 cm

Double-ended combination crook for use around both leg and neck. Made with a stainless steel stick and aluminium hook so solid yet light weight.

£22.50 excl VAT
Picture of Shepherd's Crook, Long
Shepherd's Crook, Long

Length - 134 cm

For those who prefer a longer reach with their crook, this solid alloy crook is 134 cm in length and has a rubber handle and protective tip.

£14.50 excl VAT
Picture of Shepherd's Crook, Short
Shepherd's Crook, Short

92 cm shepherd's crook with rubber handle

Convenient for use in crowded pens, for example, or where space is at a premium. Made of strong alloy tubing, this 92 cm long crook is light and easy to handle.

£12.00 excl VAT
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