Stock Move Express - App for Android™

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Record Statutory information, using nothing more than an Android™ phone or tablet and NLMD-LT

Stock Move Express for Android allows livestock farmers in Great Britain to manage their sheep holding register or cattle herd register and also fulfil statutory reporting to ARAMS, BCMS, EIDCymru and ScotEID. The app is powered by NLMD-LT livestock database, meaning everything recorded using the app can also be viewed and reported online using any Internet connected computer. It can also link to a Shearwell SDL400S or SDL440S EID Stick Reader to read electronic tags. The app is designed for both cattle and sheep and allows the farmer to view and record livestock details when out on the farm.

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Product Description

Key features of this time saving app:

  • Record movements, births, deaths and replacements.
  • Weight recording. Daily Live Weight Gain and weight change graph display. NEW!
  • Record medicine book, treatments and procedures. Now with medicine selector search function. NEW!
  • Record animal comments and groups for management purposes.
  • View animal details of all sheep and cattle on your farm.
  • Connects via Bluetooth to the Shearwell Data EID Stick Reader (either SDL400S or SDL440S).
  • Send sheep movements to ARAMS (Animal Reporting and Movement Service for England).
  • Send cattle births, movements and deaths to BCMS (British Cattle Movement Service).
  • Send sheep movements to EIDCymru (for sheep holdings in Wales).
  • Send sheep births, movements and deaths to ScotEID (for sheep holdings in Scotland). 

All data recorded is sent to NLMD-LT where you can view and print your holding register, herd register, movement documents and useful reports. An NLMD-LT account can be created for free during in-app registration or by going to The following features are free to use: 

  • Statutory movement, birth, death and tag replacement recording.
  • Reporting to ARAMS, BCMS, EIDCymru & ScotEID
  • Record animal details (breed, gender, dates, progeny).


For a subscription fee of £30 per year, the following farm management features are added (a three month free trial is available): 

  • Weight recording
  • Medicine book
  • Treatments & procedures
  • Animal comments
  • Management groups


Visit for more details or call Shearwell Data on 01643 841611. WLBP members should visit the WLBP website. 

The app is available on Google Play™:
Android app on Google Play

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