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Te Pari Racewell DR3 Auto Sheep Drafter

Fully automatic sheep drafter

This is a dedicated weighing and drafting machine that draws heavily on the tried and tested Racewell technology. It has 4 button remote control of all drafting operations and adjustable magic eye optical sensors to control the opening and closing of the gates. This magic eye adjustment enables you to set the perfect read position for stock of all sizes. It has a robust steel frame and the working areas of the machine are protected with plastic guards to protect electronics and wiring.

The weigh cells are integrated into the main frame of the unit keeping them and the electronics above the animals and well away from any dirt build-up around the bottom of the machine where load bars have traditionally been located. Capable of handling over 600 sheep per hour, the DR3 allows jobs that used to take all day to be completed in a fraction of the time with a high degree of safety and with ease.

Please call for details on 01643 841611


  • Twin adjustable magic eyes for optimum speed and flow
  • Self-contained frame for easy positioning on uneven ground
  • Auto weigh capable of approx. 600+ sheep per hour
  • Manual drafting by sight with remote control
  • Remote override of indicators draft range
  • 3 way manual or auto drafting
  • Ultra quiet pneumatic operation
  • Integrated Load cells
  • Hot dipped galvanised steel frame
  • Low entry height rubber lined floor

Additional Features

  • Compatable with Shearwell's Stock Recorder
  • Integrated ePanel EID system for reading EID ear tags
  • Optional trailer system
  • Optional reducer panel for small lambs


  1. Intelligent Auto Sensing Entry Gate: The entry gate is triggered by twin optical sensors. If a second animal tries to enter the crate and gets caught in the closing gate the intelligent auto sensing entry gate system will reopen and then close the gate again – by itself – after a few seconds, releasing the animal. In addition the entry gate is not part of the weighing zone. This means that if an animal waiting in the race puts load on the entry gate the weight recording will not be affected.
  2. Integrated ePanel EID Antenna: The innovative Te Pari ePanel Integrated EID antenna is integrated into the side of the sheep drafter. The ePanel reader addresses the requirement for a compact, unobtrusive antenna that ensures the EID ear tag is accurately read no matter where the sheep is holding its head. As the antenna is very close to the sheep false reads of the EID tag is very rare.
  3. Effective Drafting: The Te Pari Racewell DR3 Sheep drafter with a Te Pari scale indicator can draft sheep 9 ways out 3 drafting gates. This allows you to split your draft lines into more accurate groups and headbails.
Picture of Te Pari - Racewell DR3
Te Pari - Racewell DR3

Te Pari Racewell DR3 Autodrafter including integrated loadcells

Please call for details on 01643 841611

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Picture of Te Pari - Racewell DR3 with trailer
Te Pari - Racewell DR3 with trailer

Te Pari Racewell DR3 Autodrafter including integrated loadcells with on-farm trailer system featuring duratorque suspension

Please call for details on 01643 841611

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Picture of Reducer panel for small lambs
Reducer panel for small lambs

Designed to reduce the interior width of the crate, this prevents young lambs from trying to turn around
£260.00 excl VAT
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