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Ultra Concentrate Premium Lamb Colostrum

£60.00 excl VAT
1 x 500g (20x25g Sachets)

**New Larger Pack Size**
• Easy to mix
• UK sourced colostrum
• Patented NETTEX Collate absorption technology
• Supports immune system and protects against stress and hypothermia
• Rapidly absorbed by the animal
• Natural, full fat colostrum sourced exclusively from TB & EBL free UK herds
• Contains vitamin E, high quality supplement provides energy and support

Product Code SOL-LCUC20S

Product Description

Instructions for use - 
Feed Nettex Ultra Concentrate immediately after birth as maximum absorption occurs in the first 2 hours of life.
If this is not possible, Ultra Concentrate is also a very useful boost for older lambs.
To supplement maternal colostrum mix 25g (1 sachet) in 80ml of warm water (45°C) to make a single feed.
When lambs have received minimal maternal colostrum, mix 50g (2 sachets) in 120ml of warm water (45°C).
Mix until powder is completely dissolved.

Ingredients - 
Concentrated bovine colostrum (from TB & EBL free herds), whey protein powder, coconut oil, hydrolysed wheat protein, egg protein, vitamins and minerals

Read package for full instructions

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