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V10 Revolution Injection Gun - Manual Calibration

The Te Pari Revolution Injector is a high-workload, battery-powered, easy-to-use, hand-held and fully portable device. It allows accurate delivery of injectable medication across a variety of species. It is light and portable and an entire herd or flock can be injected quickly and efficiently.

As standard the gun is supplied with a 14ml barrel, small drenching nozzle and the injector nib combined with a handy carrying case. The optional 70ml barrel can also be fitted to this gun for drenching and pour-on.

The V10 Standard model is manually calibrated on the digital keypad and includes a range of smart features.

£600.00 excl VAT


  • The ‘Statistics’ button shows the number of delivered doses and volume of product use.
  • The menu allows you to alter the delivery and refill speed to suit the product and conditions. 
  •  An alarm indicates the dose is complete.
  • Multi-dose setting: Use this to select the dose amount and the gun automatically limits each individual dose to 10ml or less, to comply with Beef Quality Assurance standards, for example.


  • Barrel Size: 14 ml, Dose Accuracy: +/-0.2 ml
  • Battery Life: Over 1,000x 10 ml shots approx.
  • Dose size: 0.1 ml – 28 ml 
  • The 14ml barrel is incremented 1ml - 9.9ml in 0.1ml steps and 10ml - 28ml in 0.5ml steps. (14 ml or more in 2 shots)


  • Reduces repetitive hand strain and injuries.
  • Easy to adjust the dose rate on digital keypad for accurate dosing.
  • Able to perform over 1,000 injections per battery charge, eliminating down-time and increasing efficiency.
  • The injector can administer any vaccine or medication intra-muscularly, subcutaneously or intra-dermally/trans-dermally. 
  • Does not require an external power source such as CO2 or compressed air, with no connection to heavy tanks, bottles, regulators or power cords.
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