Shearwell EID readers are fast and reliable; exactly what you need. 

Choose from three categories of EID readers - handheld for working close to your stock, panel readers fitted to weighing and drafting crates or race readers for high volume applications.

All our EID readers use Bluetooth technology to link wirelessly – connecting to Stock Recorder, weigh heads, mobile phones and printers. Our race and panel readers employ twin antennas so you get superior read rates, even when animals are moving at speed.

Our handheld tag readers range from basic to advanced functionality, catering both to the farmer who just needs simple movement reporting as well as to the progressive farm manager collecting animal data to measure performance.

EID Readers

 Handheld EID Readers

Panel EID Readers

SDL 130 Intelligent Reader

This tag reader combines dual antennas with our unique switcher for maximum tag readability. Patented technology alternates the signal between the two antennas approximately 10 times per second, so any EID tag in any position will be read.

SDL130 Intelligent Reader   SDL130 Intelligent Reader

The SDL130 is part of the Shearwell EID Weigh Crate and the Shearwell EID Auto-Drafter.

Race EID Readers

SDL 140 Race Reader


This EID system comes as either a single or double unit that slots into most standard races. The Fast Reader uses the same tried and tested technology as the SDL 130, to provide superior tag reading even as animals move through at speed.

SDL140 Race Reader
SDL140 Race Reader

Options and Accessories

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