Shearwell Top Tips for Successful Tagging

  • Tags should be applied so that the point (male part) is on the inside of the ear.

  • The tag should be applied 1/3 from the head and 2/3 from the tip of the ear.

  • For sheep, loop tags should be on the upper edge of the ear, allowing room for growth.

  • For cattle the tags should be inserted in the middle/lower ear.

  • Avoid piercing the ridges of cartilage in the ear, as this may deform the ear and may also result in infection.

  • Disinfect the tag and load the tag as per instructions supplied with the applicator.

  • Tags should be stored in dry conditions.

Please click here to see our tagging video

Sheep Tagging Instructions Cattle Tagging Instructions

Sheep Tagging Mini
and Combi Button Instructions

Calf with TST tag

TST Tagging Instructions


Tag Feedback Forms

Please use the following links to to provide feedback about approved ear tags. The links open in a new tab.

Ear tag feedback form for sheep and goats

Ear tag feedback form for cattle (Look for the download button near the bottom of the page.)

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