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Tags & Shearwell

The name Shearwell is virtually synonymous with tags, and for good reason. Our involvement with and our commitment to quality tags goes back a long way.

While shearing sheep in Norway, Richard Webber (Director of Shearwell Data) was impressed with a certain sheep tag that showed a remarkable retention rate.

On his return to the UK, the PAT Aluminium Tag machine was purchased and the company began its production of sheep tags. These tags proved to have an excellent retention rate, were lightweight and therefore suitable for day old lambs, but were also strong and durable.

Aluminium PAT tags (right) were the first tags Shearwell produced.

Compulsory sheep tagging prompted Shearwell to design and source a cost-effective plastic sheep/lamb tag. With the introduction of double tagging in cattle in 1998, we stepped up production. A laser printer was installed to cater for the increased demand and to produce high quality results that do not fade or rub off.  We have conducted extensive research into production of our own tags  - Shearwell SET tags. These are the best-selling tag in the UK and they enjoy an exceptional retention rate. Retention rate is of great importance to all farmers, which is one of the reasons Shearwell selected Combi 2000® cattle tags for sale in the UK.

The bolus is an alternative to EID ear tags. A bolus electronic identification device is a ceramic-encased microchip that stays in the reticulum of the ruminant and can be read with the stick reader or the Stock Recorder. You can download a product sheet about boluses or call or email us if you'd like to know more.

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