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Shearwell Readers


All about Shearwell Readers

Shearwell Data supplies a range of ISO compliant readers to cater for all requirements.  These readers will read any tag / device available on the market – half Duplex (HDX) and full Duplex (FDX B) tags, bolus and implants.  

The reader options include a Stick Reader, a Handheld Stock Recorder with integrated reader, a Race Reader, an EID Weigh Crate and an EID Drafting Crate.


So, whether you are in the shed, in the yard or out on the farm our range of readers will give you the optimal solution for reading and storing EIDs.

Stick Reader

The SDL stick reader is designed for use in harsh environments. It uses Bluetooth technology to send data to PCs, mobile phones, a mobile printer and the Handheld Stock Recorder. The stick reader can store up to 16,000 tag numbers with a facility to create 26 different groups.
  • Easy to use – only one button to press
  • Available in 3 lengths – 45cm, 58cm and 80cm
  • Ruggedized – for use on farm in all weather conditions
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries – rechargeable or standard
  • ISO 11785 / 11784 compliant – will read both FDX-B and HDX devices – ear tags, bolus and implants
  • Read Range – up to 20cm depending on the device
  • Shows a green or red light on the end to signify a new read or a duplicate read
  • Display screen displays
    • EID number (The EID number displayed for sheep born after 31st Dec '09 will bear the same number as the visual UK tag number)
    • On screen count – displays the number of animals read
    • If the animal is read twice, the display will read ‘Already Saved’
  • Software supplied to enable a list of animals to be printed to attach to movement documentation
  • Capability to communicate with other Shearwell Data Farm software – please call for further details – 01643 841814
  • Can be used to read cattle EID tags (providing a ‘tag bucket’ file in the correct format is saved on the PC and downloaded to the reader)

The Stick Reader is easy to use and records individual tag numbers. These can be uploaded to a PC as an Excel or Notepad file for storage or printing.  Data can also be sent to a mobile printer to print a list of tag numbers to attach to movement documentation. 

This reader can also be used with the Handheld Stock Recorder to provide a greater range for reading animals.

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Mobile Printer


The mobile printer can be used with the stick reader to provide a list of tag numbers easily and quickly. This is especially useful for those who do not wish to use a PC or are away from the farm office.  The printer can also be used with the Handheld Stock Recorder to print off lists of tag numbers for movements and groups.

The printer is lightweight (160g with one paper roll), has a rechargeable battery and uses 58mm Direct Thermal paper.

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Handheld Stock Recorder with Integrated Reader


The Shearwell Data Handheld Stock Recorder with integrated reader has continuously improved over the last 20 years and is an invaluable tool to help stay on top of livestock information for day-to-day management, for breeding selection purposes as well as for recording statutory information.  Used in conjunction with FarmWorks by Shearwell Data Ltd (provided free with the Stock Recorder) the combined system helps to identify productive and non-productive stock as well as animals with recurring or hereditary health problems.  The Stock Recorder has:

  • Easy-to-navigate Touch Screen
  • Alphanumeric keypad for ease of use
  • Capacity for up to 500,000 animals
  • Compatibility with Bluetooth for receiving data from weigh heads, race readers and stick readers
  • Versatility, for recording electronically or manually
  • Hard-wearing design, protected totally against dust and low-pressure jets of water sprayed from all directions.
  • Colour Screen and Windows-based
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Holds all of your stock data – all cattle and all sheep – up to 500,000 animals
  • Holds all of the actions needed without having to upload and download in between
    • Lambing / calving, Weighing, Treatments, Deaths, Movements
    • Purchases, Sales, Service / tupping, Pregnancy scanning
    • TB testing
    • Drafting – facility to draft manually using the Stock Recorder and manual gates, or to link to an automatic drafting crate
  • Electronic or manual entry – using either the electronic tag, the visual ear tag or a management tag number
  • Historical data – historical data including births, weights and treatments can be viewed for individual animals
  • Comments can be recorded against individual animals.  These can be prompted to appear the next time the animal is handled.
  • Warnings are displayed if an animal is still within a medication withdrawal period
  • Can be used with mobile printer for printing lists of animals out on the farm

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Race Reader 

The Shearwell Race Reader is a robust, portable smart EID reader. Used in conjunction with a Shearwell Data Antenna and Switcher, and registers EIDs of cattle and sheep.  By alternating the orientation of the read some 10 times a second, the unique antenna and switcher maximise the read accuracy and range of the instrument by covering all angles as the animal passes.  It has an IP65 (Ingress Protection) rating against water and dust and reads both HDX and FDX technologies.

The reader is supplied with Shearwell Data static EID reading equipment .

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