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Automatic Drafting Systems

These systems allow you to draft out animals based on any saved criteria as well as by the animal’s current weight. The 'in' gate and multiple 'out' gates are all fully pneumatically controlled to provide the ultimate in automatic drafting.

Shearwell Data has developed a system using the Handheld Stock Recorder and FarmWorks by Shearwell Data to enable the farmer to identify and draft animals easily. Animals can be drafted by weight, management group, gender, health problems and breed. There are many other ways in which animals can be drafted to enable productive animals, or animals with health problems to be selected automatically. These options include the ability to select ewes by the number of lambs produced or by selecting lambs that were one of a double etc.

Shearwell Automatic Drafting Crate

Automatic Drafting Crate

Automatic Drafting Crate in use

Drafts are set up on FarmWorks by Shearwell Data and downloaded onto the Handheld Stock Recorder. This communicates with the SDL 130 reader, the weigh head and the drafting controller by Bluetooth (wirelessly) and sends the commands to the drafting controller to open and close the relevant gates when a tag is read. Sheep can also be drafted by weight by setting up the parameters on the Handheld Stock Recorder.

The drafting crate runs off a compressor and can be powered by mains electricity or by a generator. The reader will read all types of ISO-compliant tags and boluses.

The crate can be supplied running from either left or right to suit your requirements.

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Hand Drafting System - 'U Draft'

Shearwell has also developed a low cost drafting system based on the Stock Recorder Pro handheld unit. This unit uses Bluetooth to connect to a race reader such as the SDL130 and to Bluetooth enabled earphones. As each animal enters the race, it is identified through its EID. The handheld then sends an audible instruction to the operator who then controls manual gates in the existing race system to direct animals out of the appropriate gate

The handheld unit can be set up to direct each animal out of any of three gates based on any saved information such as animal breed, age, sex, breeding performance etc.

This low cost system enables you to draft out animals based on any saved criteria without the outlay of a fully automatic drafting system.

Manually drafting using instructions spoken
by the Stock Recorder

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