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Shearwell Data offers a range of EID solutions to cater for all set ups.  Whether you use EID to help you comply with legislation or you use it to record statutory and management information, Shearwell has a solution. These options include:

  • a stick reader to enable you to read, store and print lists of tag numbers to attach to holding registers, movement documents and medicine records
  • a mobile phone application that can be used independently or with the stick reader to record and send statutory information to ARAMS, BCMS and to the NLMD-LT (a central database with an online Holding Register and medicine book)
  • a handheld stock recorder with integrated reader that will enable you to record statutory and management information and to help bring long term benefits to your business. This can also be linked to race readers and weighing and drafting equipment providing a hands free and accurate means of capturing data.  Individual animal information can be viewed and comments recorded.
  • Race readers
  • EID weighing and drafting systems

Information collected on the Handheld Stock Recorder can be uploaded to Shearwell Data’s comprehensive farm management software – FarmWorks by SDL.  This can be used independently of EID or in conjunction with Shearwell Data EID systems.  It has a cattle module, an individual sheep module and a flock module and caters for pedigree farmers, commercial breeders and finishers.

Shearwell Data is now GB’s leading supplier of sheep tags with over 35% of the market share and with representation in 15 countries.  The SET tag has been used for many years as both a visual tag and an electronic tag for sheep and goats. The quality of Shearwell tags and their excellent retention rate, allows the company to provide FREE like for like replacement SET Sheep tags for the life of the animal when runs of 200 pairs or more are purchased. Quality talks for itself. 

Shearwell Data can also supply the electronic bolus for sheep and cattle.

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