Shearwell Data Ltd is one of the leaders in the field of Data Capture and Data Transfer in the livestock industry. With increased demand from the European and home markets for traceability, Shearwell Data Ltd is pioneering Electronic Identification not only in the EU but also around the world, and has been involved with several major Sheep, Beef and Dairy trials throughout the UK. Electronic identification aims to increase traceability and profitability through improved and more efficient management.

Shearwell is servicing commercial inquiries both nationally and internationally, offering a full service from device supply to a National Database for management, and disease and fraud control.

Electronic devices include bolus, micro-chip implants and electronic tags, with the bolus providing a fraud proof method of identification. Retention rates of the Shearwell electronic tag are proving to be excellent.

Shearwell's commitment to electronic ID has been demonstrated through the launch of a new low cost electronic tag for sheep - the SET tag.

Each electronic device contains a 16-digit number that is linked on insertion to the official visual ear tag of the animal. This creates a unique link that will remain with the animal for life. The microchip contains a passive transponder that is only activated when a reader sends a signal to it. The chip then sends its number back to the reader. This information is then captured on a handheld Shearwell Stock Recorder. Once the initial link is made, the handheld will display the animal's tag number whenever the device is read.

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