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Send to Market


Send to Market

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Reduce the paperwork involved in moving sheep.


Your records will always be accurate if animals are scanned using the Stock Recorder as they’re being loaded to leave the farm. FarmWorks Classic links to LIS and WLBP, so submitting movement records is fast and easy.


  Why record sending sheep to market?

Why record sending sheep to market?

Record sending to market:

  • to update your holding register
  • to submit government movement reports
  • to track income from market sales

Use a market sales report:

  • to see price trends
  • to compare prices from different buyers
Sheep at Market

Send to Market on the Stock Recorder

Farmer's PC
Stock recorder
Sheep Procedures screen
Select Location Type screen
Movements screen

Sample FarmWorks Classic Reports

Click on the links below to view a sample Market related report:

Image of a report

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