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We’ve designed our mobile apps to make the job of keeping statutory records for sheep and cattle  as easy as possible. You can use our app when out on the farm to record births, deaths, tag replacements and movements; you also have access to animal details. When you’re back in the office, you can go online and submit your required reports to ARAMS, BCMS, EIDCymru and ScotEID.

Link our mobile app to a Shearwell Stick Reader or Race Reader to get the benefits of EID - read and record tag numbers fast, with no mistakes.

StockMove Express

StockMove Express

Stock Move Express is a smartphone app which is linked to NLMD-LT (see below) and enables livestock farmers in Britain to manage their sheep holding register and cattle herd register while away from the farm office.

Everything recorded on the phone or tablet can also be viewed and reported online using any Internet connected computer. This smart phone application can also link to an EID reader and can be used for sending statutory information to ARAMS, BCMS, EIDCymru and ScotEID - and it’s free.

Stick Reader at work
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Stock Move Express - App for Android™ 

Stock Move Express - App for iPhone®

EID in the field

EID in the field - your electronic holding register

NLMD-LT was created by Shearwell as a service for UK farmers. We offer two levels of access to suit different needs - a free account for keeping your statutory records up to date by maintaining your holding register and submitting animal movements to BCMS, ARAMS and ScotEID; and a premium subscription account for also keeping a medicine book, adding comments to animals and maintaining management groups.

Information stored on NLMD-LT is completely private and secure. Members can configure their accounts to automatically submit their data to ARAMS, BCMS, EIDCymru and ScotEID, or you can easily print out movement documents already filled in and ready to post.

Free basic account:

  • Record births and tagging
  • Record animal details (sex, breed, etc)
  • Record animal movements
  • Record on-farm deaths
  • Maintain herd or holding register
  • Forward statutory data to ARAMS, BCMS, EIDCymru and ScotEID.
  • Manage multiple holdings
  • View or print reports

Premium annual subscription (just £30 per year):

  • All free features
  • Record Weights and monitor daily live weight gain
  • Record medicine purchases
  • Record medical treatments
  • Produce a medicine book
  • Record/report comments on animals
  • Group animals into management groups
  • Free 3 month trial subscription
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