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Working to help the livestock farmer

We provide a complete livestock management system allowing farmers to collect and collate data to help them make better-informed business decisions.

Shearwell Data itself is both a farming business and a family business - farmer-owned, based on Exmoor in Wheddon Cross, Somerset

The Webber Family


We started up in 1992 with a big idea, a huge drive and a small number of people manufacturing identification tags for livestock. Since then the company has grown consistently and rapidly, now incorporating livestock management programs, visual and EID tags and readers, software and handling systems.

... and now

Today we have more than 100 people working with us and we are the market leader for cattle and sheep tags in the UK. But it doesn’t stop there: we supply worldwide and we have Shearwell companies in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America.

We are experts in animal identification, both visual and electronic.
Our speciality is EID technology - designing tags, tools and software that farmers can rely on.
Richard Webber, Director

Bringing farmers what they need and what they want

First and foremost we listen. And we set about solving the problems farmers face every day. We trial our products on our own farms until we're happy that we would be happy to buy them.

Our tag retention is industry-leading, but to give you peace of mind we even offer free replacement tags for the life of the animal. And our brilliant tech support team is just a phone call away to help and advise.

Knowledge is power…

…as the cliché goes. Which is why we've been developing new EID (electronic identification) devices, software and readers for the livestock industry since 1996. Fast, accurate identification of cattle and sheep helps improve productivity and enhance record-keeping for both management and statutory purposes. It's vital for breeding and to improve livestock health and welfare.

In addition to the production of tags, Shearwell Data manufactures a range of products including hand-held and race readers which are designed and built to withstand a hard day’s work out on farm, whatever the weather. The reader for cattle and sheep can store data for up to 16,000 animals and up to 26 management groups. The data can then be transferred to a PC, Mac, mobile printer or to its mobile app.

The Shearwell Automatic Drafter is popular with sheep farmers, as it reduces the number of staff required to help and can, once parameters are set, draft automatically by a number of criteria including weight, management group, gender, health and breed.

With the need to reduce the livestock farming sector's reliance on the use of antibiotics, weighing of livestock is becoming ever more important to ensure animals are accurately treated to reduce the potential of over or under-dosing (and therefore the risk of resistance). Therefore, having quick, reliable data at your farming fingertips is key for any business. Together with the Shearwell weigh crate, the ShearWeigh weigh head and load bars has been designed by people who understand the rigours of farm life and extreme weather conditions. Its products ensure accurate dosing and reduce costs.

At Shearwell Data we aim to provide farmers with products and services to gather reliable data, that enables them to make better informed decisions and ultimately be more profitable.

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Sheep Farmer of the Year

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Sheep farmer of the Year Award

Shearwell Data Ltd is a proud sponsor of The Farmers Weekly Award for Sheep Farmer of the Year. The award recognises sheep farming enterprises that are progressive in their thinking, have a clear commercial focus, are continuously looking to improve the genetics of the flock and utilise data to measure and manage their sheep farming businesses.

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Mart's the Heart Awards

Shearwell Data Ltd is delighted to be continuing its support of the Mart's The Heart Awards. Livestock Markets are an integral part of the livestock farming community. Not only are livestock markets a place of business but also a space where farmers can seek advice and catch up with friends. Livestock markets and the live sale rings are key to a buoyant and competitive livestock farming sector and the future of the UK red meat sector.

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Our ISO Policies

Shearwell is a founder member of ALIDMA, the industry body for UK animal identification manufacturers and suppliers ALIDMA logo