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Tips to solve problems running Farmworks on your PC


Error 3340: Comes up as soon as FarmWorks tries to start, followed by a series of further similar database errors

An error has occurred in the UpdateData procedure within the modStatrtStop module.

Solution: See FarmWorks Database Fix page


Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) not opening or stock recorder "Not connected".
Solution: There are a number of reasons the Stock Recorder may show as not connected, the most likely cause being grime on the connection plates preventing a decent connection when it's sat in the docking cradle (clean the plates with a cotton wool bud and very mild solvent cleaner such as spectacle cleaning fluid).

However, recent Windows updates have been seen to cause a more technical problem, adversely changing registry settings so preventing WMDC from making the connection between computer and Stock Recorder. This may result in WMDC not even opening on your computer when requested.

If connection problems persist, follow the link below to download and run the fix. You will need to restart your computer after doing so. If that makes no difference, or if you're unsure and would like someone to talk you through the process then please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Error 3001: Stock recorder data transfer fails or FarmWorks will not open.


Solution: If you receive error code 3001 when getting data from the Stock Recorder it's possible that a Windows update has reconfigured the version of Microsoft Access used by FarmWorks while loading the data.

You can resolve the problem as below:

Exit FarmWorks.
Download and run Microsoft Office Access Database Engine 2007 sp3 -
Restart FarmWorks and try getting data again.


Stock recorder data transfer fails: "Failed to open remote device database".
Check that the contacts at the base of the Stock Recorder are clean.

Check that the Stock Recorder is sat in the cradle and connected to the PC.

Check that the Stock Recorder is switched on and that the FarmWorks software on the Stock Recorder is not running.

If none of the above solve the problem, try starting up the program on the Stock Recorder. If you get a message 'some utilities are missing...' confirm 'ok' that you want to reinstall them, then 'ok' to acknowledge that they have been installed. Exit the FarmWorks software on the Stock Recorder and try the transfer again (this can happen if there has been a power loss).

Exit FarmWorks on the PC and restart your computer. Tap on the Windows icon on the Stock Recorder screen (in the bottom left corner), select 'Shutdown' then 'Warm Reset'. Try the transfer again.

If the message persists, contact Support.

BCMS Error 12002: Can not connect to BCMS



Solution: The connection to BCMS has 'timed out' - basically taken too long, so your PC has broken the link to BCMS. The length of time permitted is determined by settings in the Windows operating system on your PC. Normally the default settings allowed by Windows are more than sufficient, and FarmWorks does not change them. However, even though there doesn't appear to be a need for it, occasionally other software does. 

You can increase the permitted time by using Registry Editor to increase the value of the 'ReceiveTimeout' subkey within the 'Internet Settings' registry entry on your PC. A setting of five minutes will be plenty. Alternatively you can delete this setting and Windows will return to using its default. 

We recommend that you give us a call and we'll talk you through it - incorrectly changing registry settings can have drastic consequences and may result in your PC being unusable, so please only proceed with the changes if you are confident in doing so


BCMS Authentication Failure: 
Solution: When trying to send movement or passport details to BCMS, or when trying to compare the animals on your holding on FarmWorks with those held by BCMS, if you get an error 'CTWS802 Authentification Failure' or similar this means that the username and password you have entered in FarmWorks do not match those held by BCMS for your holding.

You can check or re-enter the username and password through "Setup>Options" and selecting the "BCMS Settings" tab. Both username and password are case sensitive, so it's important to enter capital or lower case letters as applicable.

If you still get the message, you will need to contact BCMS and ask them for the username and password for CTS Webservices, and to ask them to ensure that it's still active. 

Note that the username is nine digits, in format 123-456-789. It is not the same as the twelve character Government Gateway username used on BCMS' own website.