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Frisky Lamb Warmer

£245.00 excl VAT
Providing a constant flow of warm air to help revive hypothermic lambs

• Robust plastic body and wire mesh floor.
• Good drainage, easy cleaning and disinfection
• Fully assembled and ready to use
• Air flow is directed to circulate around the lamb.
• Perspex panel slides open to allow moisture to escape, and cool down.
• Suitable for lambs from 2 different ewe with separator mesh. Prevents mis-mothering.
• Simple, safe design.

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Product Code SOL-FLW

Product Description

Lamb Warmer Box

Ideally lambs should receive either glucose injection or colostrum before being reheated. More detailed information can be found on the NADIS web site. The temperature at lamb level should be maintained at 40 to 45°.

Further information can be found on the NADIS web site

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Manufacturer: Pyon

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