Term Explanation
826 Internationally recognised code identifying a microchip originating from the UK. Endorsed by the United Nations and ISO
Antenna Links to the reader to send and receive the chip number/data
Logger A small handheld computer that can receive the microchip number and which in most cases holds some management information
EID Typically, the unique electronic identification number of an animal (Electronic ID)
FDX-B Full Duplex - one of the technologies approved for livestock (see also HDX)
Full ISO Reader Reads both HDX and FDX B
Handheld Reader Can be carried around and used for reading microchips. (Always determine whether the device you plan to use is just a reader or is attached to a data logger)
HDX Half Duplex - one of the technologies approved for livestock (see also FDX-B)
HF High Frequency - not approved for livestock in the EU regulation)
ICAR International Committee for Animal Recording. (Organisation recognised by ISO as the Registration Authority for silicon chip identifier manufacturer codes)
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISO 11785 The standard governing the reading equipment protocols for use of EID in animals
ISO 11784 The standard governing the data content of the microchip
ISO Approved or ISO Reader It can read either HDX or FDX-B but not necessarily both
JRC Joint Research Centre, the EU technical laboratory for testing RFID equipment
LF Low Frequency 134.2 kHz (only LF is approved in the EU regulation for livestock EID)
MF Mid Frequency (Not approved for livestock in the EU regulation)
Microchip (also called a chip or transponder) The device carried on the animal.  This can be encapsulated in an ear tag chip or transponder) or a bolus (can be glass or coil)
Multiplexed Antennas An antenna that uses a time-sharing method of switching to improve speed and accuracy of reading
Orientation The way the chip is presented to the antenna
PDA Personal Digital Assistant (handheld recorder only)
Plate Antenna Antenna placed on one side of the race
RF Radio Frequency (see also RFID)
RFID Radio Frequency Identification (see also RF)
Single Technology Means either HDX or FDX-B but not both
Static Reader Only for use in a static position i.e. in a race or kill line
Transceiver Reader used to read the chip (can be static or handheld)
Twin loop antenna System which uses two antennas coupled to the same transceiver, usually placed opposite one another in a race or cage
Twin or Dual Technology Both HDX and FDX-B