Instructions for Inserting Cattle Tags

Code of Practice Cattle tags PAS 44:2014

 It is important to pay attention to the correct tagging procedures when tagging cattle 

 Combi Large, Small, Button & E30 Electronic Tag


Cattle Tagging
Tag Applicator
  1.  Disinfect the tag and load the tag as per instructions supplied with the applicator.
  2. Hold / restrain the animal securely.
  3. The tag should be inserted in the middle/lower ear, 1/3 from the head and 2/3 from the tip of the ear
  4. This point of the tag should go in from the outside of the ear ending up on the inside of the ear when applied.

  1.  The female part of the tag should always be placed at the front of the ear.
  2. Avoid piercing the ridges of cartilage in the middle of the ear, as this may deform the ear and may also result in infection
  3. Cattle should be tagged from the back of the ear and the tag then rotated 180° to the correct position facing downwards
Tagged Cattle