Instructions for Inserting Sheep Tags

Code of Practice Sheep and Goat tags PAS 66:2009

 It is important to pay attention to the correct tagging procedures when tagging sheep. Generally sheep should not be tagged when fly strike is likely. Therefore we would not recommend tagging sheep during the warmer months. Tagging at birth is recommended; however it is appreciated that not all flocks can be tagged at birth, especially hill flocks.
Tag in Applicator
  1.  Disinfect the tag and load the tag making sure each end clicks into place.
  2. Hold the sheep securely. 
  3. In young lambs place the tag on the upper edge of the ear (this is the strongest edge), 1/3rd from the base and 2/3rd from the tip.
Applicator with Tag
  1. If you think that the top of the ear will outgrow the pin length, place the tag at the back of the ear.
  2. For older sheep it may be necessary to apply to the back of the ear if the top is too thick for the tag pin

  1.  Please make sure that the length of the pin is suitable for your sheep before inserting the tag.
  2. The point of the tag should go in from the outside of the ear. Once applied, the point will be on the inside of the ear.
  3. Avoid piercing the ridge of cartilage along the top of the ear, as this may deform the ear and may also result in infection.
Tagging illustration
  1. When tagging the sheep it must be remembered that the ear will grow, therefore let it hang 4 – 5 mm over the edge of the ear when applying to lambs. (This may need to be more for larger eared breeds.)
Sheep Tagged