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TB Testing and EID

EID is invaluable when TB testing. Used with the internal reader, stick reader or a static reader, the Shearwell Stock Recorder identifies the animal accurately and instantly and displays the official tag number together with the age and gender of the animal. Avian and bovine readings can be recorded on the Stock Recorder Pro and this can be uploaded to FarmWorks Classic to produce the TB52 report for the vet.

Trials have shown that the time taken for TB testing is greatly reduced when using EID, as animals' tag numbers do not have to be read visually, and the information required by the vet is available immediately. Data is 100% accurate as transcription errors cannot occur.

The Shearwell Stock Recorder can also be used without a reader for recording animals without an EID device by typing in either the management tag or the official tag number.

Hazel with Reader