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Turbo Tagger

The future of high welfare,
high throughput tagging

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Tag accurately

The TurbO Tagger gives extra control when tagging for accurate tag placement every time, all day long. That accuracy helps eliminate tag loss or even infection.

Tag efficiently

The TurbO Tagger’s accuracy also makes for more efficient tagging. Handle more animals in the same time - minimizing stress on the livestock and on you.

Tag well

Tagging can be a chore. But it brings you the data that can help you make better and more informed livestock management decisions. Tag well with Shearwell.

"The TurbO Tagger works really well - it's quick and provides good visibility of the ear whether you are left or right handed. It's easy to reload and refill with cartridges compared with our previous tagger".
Mr B Fotheringham
Perth, Scotland

"The TurbO Tagger makes tagging a one person job. One of the best things that has happened to tagging"

Mr R Mee

In a race or in a pen you can now single- or double-tag your sheep better than ever. More accurately, more efficiently. Whether you’re left- or right-handed, you can see exactly where you’re positioning the tag - and then tag with one hand, using the other to secure the animal. It’s the future of high welfare, high throughput sheep tagging.

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"The TurbO Tagger saves a lot of time, it's faster and easier to use than anything else I have tried. Less time handling the animals means it is better for everyone"
Mr D Edwards - Somerset

You ask

Does the TurbO Tagger need batteries?
No. Spring loading and a gentle, firm squeeze is all that is required to apply the tag to the animals ear.

What sheep tags does it take?
Shearwell’s market leading SET tags for breeding and slaughter - both electronic and visual.

How many tags in each drum?
20 tags per drum.

Can I load the drums myself?
Yes or you can purchase preloaded drums

Is it safe for lambs?
Yes. It can also be used on ewes, goats and kids

Who needs one?
Any farmer who wants to tag securely and efficiently.

Can I use either hand?
Yes, the TurbO Tagger’s ergonomic design makes if perfect for left or right handed people - they’re both right with the TurbO Tagger.

How quickly can I tag with one?
It’s about tagging accuracy and efficiency, But, that said, because it tags so efficiently every time with reduced resistance to stop hand fatigue, you’ll finish off the race or pen before you know it.

How do I disinfect the tags?
Just dip the jaws of the TurbO Tagger into disinfectant

And if you don’t believe us, let some of our customers describes their experiences with the TurbO Tagger...

Mr R Smith


"Easy to use and better than anything I've had before"

Mr G Macdonald


"Far better than other taggers - it saves time. Makes tagging a one man process!"