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Weighing & Drafting



Using a weigh crate equipped with a Shearwell Static Reader, antenna and electronic weigh scales, you can identify animals quickly and record weights without any manual input. The ID and weights are sent by Bluetooth to the Shearwell Stock Recorder.

The read efficiency of the sheep weigh crate has been maximized by reducing areas that cause interference. In trials, 400 more sheep per hour could be weighed and recorded using an electronic weigh crate fitted with a static reader than could be read and recorded manually.

The Shearwell EID Weigh Crate is equipped with a Shearwell Race Reader, dual antennae and electronic weigh scales. Together with the Shearwell Handheld Stock Recorder these help to identify animals quickly, accurately and facilitate weight recording without any manual input. The tag number and weights are sent by Bluetooth to the Shearwell Stock Recorder which calculates and displays the daily live weight gain and displays the last three weights and dates of weighing.

The reader reads all ISO compliant tags and boluses.
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Other weighing systems use the weigh head itself to capture, display and download weight data to a PC. The Shearwell Stock Recorder is far more versatile as it will capture and record all of the information required for management of stock, including the weights. It also allows the user to look up information on animals and record comments against them. 8 week weights, 20 week weights and wean weights can also be recorded. It can also be used away from the crate to record other management and statutory information..


Together with the Handheld Stock Recorder, the weigh crate can also be used to record movements, treatments, tupping, and adding animals into management groups. Multiple actions can be recorded with one read – weighing, recording a treatment and recording a movement, for example.

Our FarmWorks Classic software uses this weight data to help you identify the most productive and efficient stock. You can generate weight gain reports to help compare dams, sires, breeds, locations, management groups or the source of the stock.




Draft out animals based on any saved criteria as well as by the animal’s current weight. The 'in' gate and the multiple 'out' gates are all pneumatically-controlled for trouble-free drafting.

Using the Handheld Stock Recorder and FarmWorks Classic you can identify and draft animals easily – by weight, management group, gender, health problems and breed. And there are many other ways in which animals can be drafted for automatic selection of productive animals or of animals with health problems. You can even select ewes by the number of lambs produced or by selecting lambs that were one of a double etc.

Shearwell Data Auto-Drafting Crate
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The Shearwell Data Sheep Drafting Crate is a pneumatic crate that is controlled either automatically by the Shearwell Handheld Stock Recorder or manually with a remote control. Using the Stock Recorder and FarmWorks Classic, animals can be drafted by weight, management group, gender, health problems, breed and many more. These options include the ability to select ewes by the number of lambs produced or selecting lambs that were one of a double etc., or selecting non-productive and cull animals or selecting animals that are the progeny of an animal with a hereditary health problem.


Drafts are set up on FarmWorks Classic and downloaded onto the Stock Recorder. This communicates with the SDL150 reader, the weigh head and the drafting controller by Bluetooth (wirelessly) and sends the commands to the drafting controller to open and close the relevant gates when a tag is read.
Sheep can also be drafted by weight by setting up the parameters on the Stock Recorder. The drafting crate runs off a compressor and can be powered by mains electricity or by a generator. The reader will read all types of ISO-compliant tags and boluses.

The crate can be supplied running from either left or right to suit your requirements.