What do I get


What do I get

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SDL400S / SDL440S EID Stick Reader

One person with the Shearwell Stick Reader can quickly and accurately identify the electronic IDs of your livestock. In a pen, in a race or out in the field, simply point, scan, record and store the data – up to 16,000 animals and up to 26 management groups.

The Stick Reader is rugged, and built for a hard day’s work out on the farm. It has easy, single-button operation and a large display. Transfer the data wirelessly to your office computer  (via Bluetooth) or to your mobile or to a mobile printer.

Stick Reader Hard Case

This is what you get:

Comes complete with everything to get you started.

  • Shearwell Stick Reader
  • 4 x AA rechargeable battery pack
  • AA battery charger
  • 240V adaptor cable for charger
  • 12V adaptor cable for charger
  • Stick Reader Manual
  • PC software on USB memory stick
  • Android™, iPhone®, iPad® and Mac® apps

Optional Accessories:

Compleate you EID Stick Reader package.

  • Hard Case (featured above)
  • Wireless Potable Bluetooth Printer
    • 240v mains printer charger
    • 12v in-car printer charger
    • Printer paper roll (2 pack)
  • Bluetooth USB dongle for PC
Supplied software can be used to retrieve data from your Shearwell Stick Reader, allowing you to:
  • Save the data as a text file (.txt extension)
  • Save the data in spreadsheet format (.xls file extension)
  • New Feature! Save the data to the clipboard for pasting into a website form or another application (Use the clipboard feature for, e.g. easy submission of lists of sheep to LIS 'Livestock Information System'.)

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