SDL Stick Reader

Our Stick Reader is designed to be practical and
simple to use with just one button to learn

  • push and release to read a tag;
  • push and hold to change your options

The bright display screen shows the tag number, management group and the count of animals read.

Stick Reader
Stick Reader in action

Key Features

A tough tool for any job. Weather-proof, lightweight and farmer-friendly.

  • Reads both types of EID (FDX and HDX) - tags, implants and rumen bolus.
  • Read range up to 20 cm.
  • Bright LED light at the end - flashes green for a successful read or flashes red if it reads the same tag again.
  • Audible beep when a tag is read.
  • Single button design.
  • Large, backlit display screen is easy to read in any light.
  • Available in three lengths - short (45 cm), medium (58 cm), and long (80 cm)
  • Runs on four AA batteries - standard or rechargeable. Fully charged stick should work for at least 8 hours. 
    Four rechargeable batteries included with purchase.
  • Completely wireless - no cables or cords required.


Simplify your record-keeping and meet legal requirments - scan ear tags, send to your phone, PC or printer.

  • Stores up to 16,000 tag numbers and 26 different management groups.
  • Bluetooth built in for easy connections to computers and other devices.
    • SDL400S is compatible with Windows® and Android™
    • SDL440S is compatible with Windows®, Android and iPhone®
  • Software supplied to import tag numbers from the stick reader into your Windows PC or Windows laptop.
  • Import into MS Excel or Notepad - easily copy and paste tag numbers into movement documents.
  • Links to a mobile printer so you can print lists of tag numbers to attach to travel documents.
  • Download a tag file to read your cattle EID tags.
Read status lamp
Battery fitment
Battery charging



SDL400S / SDL440S EID Stick Reader


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