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Bottle-fed and fostered lambs can be a record-keeping challenge!


Foster and bottle-fed lambs could grow up to be keepers or culls. Record births and fostering as they happen in the lambing shed - avoid losing critical pedigree information at your busiest time!


  Why record fostering?

Record fostering:

  • to preserve pedigree information for the lamb
  • to credit birth dams for number of lambs born
  • to credit foster dams for raising more lambs

Use a fostering report:

  • to look up birth and foster dams
  • to group fostered lambs for management reasons
  • to identify problem animals or genetic lines

Fostering on the Stock Recorder

Farmer's PC
Stock recorder
Foster Procedures screen
Fostering screen

Sample FarmWorks Classic Reports

Click on the links below to view a sample Bottle Fed related report:

Image of a report

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