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Bottle-fed and fostered lambs can be a record-keeping challenge!


Foster and bottle-fed lambs could grow up to be keepers or culls. Record births and fostering as they happen in the lambing shed - avoid losing critical pedigree information at your busiest time!


  Why record fostering?

Record fostering:

  • to preserve pedigree information for the lamb
  • to credit birth dams for number of lambs born
  • to credit foster dams for raising more lambs

Use a fostering report:

  • to look up birth and foster dams
  • to group fostered lambs for management reasons
  • to identify problem animals or genetic lines

Fostering on the Stock Recorder

Farmer's PC
Stock recorder
Foster Procedures screen
Fostering screen

Sample FarmWorks Reports

Click on the links below to view a sample Bottle Fed related report:

Image of a report

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