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Sorting and separating sheep can be fast and easy.


Draft by weight, by group, by sex, or any other criteria that suits your purpose. Use the Stock Recorder to draft three ways - left, right or straight ahead. Sort animals into groups, keep count and record weights all at the same time. Use a Shearwell auto drafter with the Stock Recorder then stand back and watch it work!


  Why draft using the Stock Recorder?

Draft by weight on the Stock Recorder to sort store lambs or set up drafts on your PC to use with the Stock Recorder. Make breeding groups, sort culls or separate sheep by sex, breed or age. Draft out twin and triplet lambs to retain, or sort ewes after pregnancy scanning for different feeding.


Drafting sheep using the Stock Recorder

Farmer's PC
Stock recorder
Sheep Procedures screen
Drafting screen
Lambing screen

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