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Weight and body condition are important clues to animal health.


Weigh your stock regularly to keep on top of feed or health problems. Use FarmWorks Classic to record weight, condition score, weaning weights, or 8 and 20 week weights. Use a Shearwell weigh crate with the Stock Recorder and never use pen and paper again!


  Why weigh my sheep?

Record weighing:

  • to check lamb growth rates
  • to monitor weight gain or weight loss in your ewes
  • to compare different feeds

Use a weight report:

  • to predict when lambs will be ready for shipping
  • to compare weight gain or weight per days of age
  • to watch for flock health problems
  • to compare growth from different feeds or different sires

Weighing on the Stock Recorder

Farmer's PC
Stock recorder
Sheep Procedures screen
Weigh Only screen
Lambing screen

Sample FarmWorks Classic Reports

Click on the links below to view a sample Weighing related report:

Image of a report

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