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FarmWorks Release Notes

The latest version of FarmWorks software is 1.8.76, released March 2019, which is compatible with Stock Recorder software version 1.50.2.

For customers who have subscribed to the support / upgrade option and are currently running FarmWorks version 1.8.58 or later, provided you have an Internet connection you will be notified of this upgrade on starting up the software and be able to upgrade at that point. If for any reason you need to upgrade from a hard copy of the software please let us know.

Changes implemented since version 1.8.72 (the last major release) include:

3556 New animal activity report
4347 Scot EID / ScotMoves data transfer
5115 Allow medicine definition and purchase on Stock Recorder
5206 SBCS - export from FarmWorks
5393 TB test results calculation and recording method updated
5449 EID Cymru data transfer
5464 FABBL requirement - withdrawal period to be shown on treatments report
5561 Breedplan export
4940 Feeding - increase amount that can be recorded under 'bulk feed at location'
5067 Warning message on adding sheep through PC FarmWorks
5081 Sending to Stock Recorder - include service bulls / tupping rams no longer on farm
5087 Fields - changes to grazing
5132 Relax weights value entry
5276 Sorting on projected calving based on service report
5318 Import from file - add EID number
5348 New 'Identification' report section tagged onto Animal Details report.
5360 Incorrect withdrawal dates on transport docs
5363 Change minimum age for transfer of ewe lambs to ewes to 7 months
5365 Allow carcass location of 'born deads' to be specified (PC).
5366 Import animals from a csv file into a management group
5372 Management Group report - list only animals in selected group
5375 Show death reason for non-tagged lambs on lambing report
5379 Increase comment text size
5380 Show dam/sire management tag on flock report
5381 Fostering report - show age of animal 'today'
5383 Modifications for Genovis export for genetic dam (embryo transfer)
5390 Report embryo transfer for cattle
5397 Warning for dam/sire when adding calves
5402 Multiple Holding Control screen - minor changes
5404 Calf with death reason 'other', not in last calved or calf died dates in Animal Details.
5405 Error 35788 when trying to add a duplicate lamb (not that you'd want to).
5407 Allow deletion of all occurences of a comment
5410 Enable entry to specified multi-holding from the multi-holding control screen
5413 Remove requirement for leading zero when matching EID on imported kill sheet.
5417 Allow for NI tag formatting
5418 Warning / prevention addind 'young' cows
5420 Farm Assurance / TB warning - animals purchased within last 60 days
5430 Comments - show when handled - ensure only switched to 'show' on PC
5432 Export csv file for sold animals - allow U.S. data
5439 Add 'days on farm' average to sales report
5442 Barren animals - reset barren status at tupping.
5452 Animals for slaughter at collection centre / market - allow slaughter of all
5455 Loading drafting screen on PC takes ages given large number of animals
5456 Ailment disappears
5457 Validate using CTS correction
5459 Auditing databases for change logging
5461 Cattle pregnancy scanning - estimated birth date not appearing
5463 Fix breeds with apostrophes causing problems confirming passport receipt
5466 Latest year movements not triggering Holding Register option 
5469 Data transfer 'successful' message displayed when it shouldn't be
5471 Dam / Progeny weaning weights report (Cattle)
5475 Improvements to recording and reporting scanning results for cattle 
5478 Breedplan export for cattle
5480 Lambing report including reference animals in current stock - fault
5482 Minor error in sheep animal details form
5484 Recorded embryo transfer, then tupping / service. Led to ET being ignored.
5485 3077 syntax error importing from phone app.
5486 NSIP CSV file error in headings
5487 Projected calving / lambing based on service / tupping - fault
5490 Changing date of birth does not update movement table.
5494 Welsh Holding Register - Identification - tag numbers text not wrapping.
5499 Animal details forms improvements (cattle & sheep)
5501 Loss report - optionally show dam and sire
5504 Error code 91 popping up spuriously due to screens not closing properly
5507 Suckling report - exclude lambs at market / abattoir
5508 Stick / FarmWorks version compatability
5509 Signet export not exporting details for all 'born dead' offspring
5511 Date of weaning age error
5515 Error retrospectively adding info. in Animal Details where virtual dam/sire
5520 Closing reports not always deleting temporary tables
5522 Title missing letter in Animal Details report
5527 Title missing letter in Barren Animals report
5533 Animal Details report - 'days on farm'
5543 EBV's on Signet import applied to deleted animals
5545 ARAMS warning screen including movement for deleted animal
5553 Flock - holding register error
5556 Management group fault - extremely rare creation of duplicte group
5558 Transfer ewe lambs to ewes - working from the wrong date
5563 Error adding animals to management group from Flock Report - regression
5570 Error when importing weights from a CSV file
5571 Individual animals' TB results displayed multiple times on report
5572 Typo's on TB report screen
5574 Error creating a csv file on private sale

If you are experiencing a problem you may find the answer in Software Tips, or in the FarmWorks and Stock Recorder manuals available on the Manuals page.

If you cannot find a related article or a solution to your problem or if you would prefer to deal with someone directly, then please contact us by email or telephone.

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