FarmWorks Release Notes

The latest version of FarmWorks software is 1.8.72, released February 2018, which is compatible with Stock Recorder software version 1.49.

For customers who have subscribed to the support / upgrade option and are currently running FarmWorks version 1.8.58 or later, provided you have an Internet connection you will be notified of this upgrade on starting up the software and be able to upgrade at that point. If for any reason you need to upgrade from a hard copy of the software please let us know.

Changes implemented since version 1.8.62 (the last major release) include:

5440  Show/hide Stock Recorder comments (Options>Comments)
5006  Provision for collection centres
5229  Restructure multi-holdings - remove registry references
5362  Continuous Read changes
5305  Report - weight of ewe to lamb at weaning
5361  Removal of restriction on number of lambs born
5093  Recording movements when passports not recorded as received
5346  Scottish Holding Register date change
5295  Record birth of sheep at grasskeep holding
4913  Import of 'missing' animals from Stock Recorder
5358  Stick version in FarmWorks
5306  50 day weights report - adjusted total and adjusted average sort options
5328  50 day weight report - fault
5369  FarmWorks using wrong validation for Dam/Sire tags when importing from file
5304  Dam / Sire productivity report - dams < 12 months option
5337  Change to date range for EID report (animals not seen / not read)
3249  Timestamp on records - next release after 1.8.61
5308  FarmWorks import from file
5384  Sex change for dead lambs
5322  Signing software
4925  Cattle passport and movement warning screens to show as program is closing
5208  Change auto-update to handle accdb's as opposed to mdb's
5215  Weaning report - show average age at weaning
5307  DLWG report, DLWG column.
5320  Weights report - weaning weights
5338  Pedigee form not closing properly.
5341  Default group by option on Slaughter report
5376  Signet Export - genetic dam not populated correctly
5199  Loss report - add chosen parameters to report header
5254  Calving Report - no grouping
5283  Add 'cost' column on treatment reports
5368  Fertiliser calculations incorrect
5300  Slaughter report - add animals to management group
5309  Extend software update web service to support restricting updates by UserLicenseInfo
5299  Warning on import where to and from movement locations are the same
5333  Tag replacement - old tag number sometimes lost on import
5317  Embryo Transfer minor errors
5335  Scrapie Status for AI Rams
5349  Dam/Sire productivity - showing large number of lambs having died
5318  Import from file - EID number

If you are experiencing a problem you may find the answer in Software Tips, or in the FarmWorks and Stock Recorder manuals available on the Manuals page.

If you cannot find a related article or a solution to your problem or if you would prefer to deal with someone directly, then please contact us by email or telephone.

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