Shearwell EID Sheep Automatic Drafting Crate

£11,632.50 excl VAT
Draft out animals based on any saved criteria in addition to drafting by the animals’ current weight. The 'in' gate and multiple 'out' gates are all fully controlled via pneumatics, providing the ultimate in automatic drafting.
Product Code SDL720CS
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Product Description

With the Shearwell Automatic Sheep Drafting Crate you get:

• Shearwell SDL710C Pneumatically-Driven Sheep Drafting Crate
• Shearwell SDL150S EID Race Reader (pair of antennas)
• Shearwell Drafting Controller to drive the gates
• Shearwell Stock Recorder (optional)

A Shearwell Stock Recorder is required for the automated drafting functions. Priced separately.

If you already have a weigh scale indicator, this may be compatible so please contact us to check.

Please call the office on 01643 841611 to order or for delivery charges to your area

User Manual



Drafting Gates

A three-way drafting pneumatic gate system. With anti-banging to avoid stressing the animals and for added durability. Solid construction withstands years of hard use.

Weighing & Reading Area

The crate keeps animals secure and immobilised without stress. This makes handling them efficient and easy.

Automatic Back Gate

The automatic back gate prevents animals from backing out and prevents animals behind from forcing their way through.


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