FarmWorks by SDL Support

 If you have subscribed to the support / upgrade option of FarmWorks by Shearwell Data, the latest release is available on CD.  Bug fixes and patches will be distributed over the internet so please ensure you periodically connect your computer to the internet.

The latest version of FarmWorks software is 1.8.62, released 28 August 2016, which is compatible with Stock Recorder software version 1.34 and later.  The latest version of the Stock Recorder software is 1.40.

Changes implemented since version 1.8.59 (the last major release) include:

5110 New report comparing the weight of a ewe to the weight of lamb she produces in any given year
5250 New Welsh AML1 equivalent for movements
5220 ARAMS validation
4988 English Holding Register - Annual Inventory. Year Missing
5031 Signet export for cattle - weights
5074 Remove CTS options
5099 Modify FW licence key generator to accommodate the FWMobile option
5147 Sorting by age on the weights report
5156 Dam / Sire Productivity Report error (fostered lambs)
5194 Message on registering FarmWorks after registering FW Mobile
5197 Embryo Transfer - import from Stock Recorder not assigning genetic dam
5218 Holding Register - reporting deaths
5225 Removal of animals from management group on Stock Recorder not removing them from management group on PC
5234 Data Transfer>Workabout Pro - wrong banner on send/get screens
5236 FarmWorks build - with regard to manuals, refer to specific folder location on CD
5238 Have sire on projected calving based on service report
5240 Improve response time recording scanning
5241 EID not remaining allocated to cattle after locking on 'phone app
5242 Old tag number reported on import error report
5244 Update opening screen OS supported
5245 Sorting by withdrawal date columns in animal details treatments tab causes 3061 error
5247 Treatments report for dogs (and other ancillary....)
5248 Have Access 2007 and associated patches (to SP3) on FarmWorks CD
5251 Reduced size of backup files
5252 FW Mobile catering for US regional settings
5255 Feeds - fault in purchase screen 'notes'
5261 Change code in FarmWork's ucSWDCalendar control
5263 Sorting - Cattle > Service
5265 Animals added via stick import show as Stock Recorder 'review data' function - misleading
5267 Viewing calving history from calving screen throws syntax error
5269 Import from Stock Recorder - error with Scandanavian settings
5270 Add cattle on FW Mobile through screens other than calving - also dodgy sheep
5271 Private sale on FW Mobile adding new holding
5272 FW mobile app - EID's appearing on FarmWorks records as UK0123456 00001 rather than 0826012345600001 (sheep)
5273 Update cattle breeds list (specifically breed codes)
5274 Sires added via Reproduction > Fertilisation
5275 Embryo Transfer report sorting options
5277 Error code 91 on closing FarmWorks
5282 Stock Recorder event 122 on EID retention report
5285 Error code 5 in screen positioning
5286 Feeds reports - feed name not showing
5287 Wait form not centering properly on multi-monitor system
5288 Handheld import error - multiple rejections after 'impossible' date of birth change
5294 Licence key message
5313 NLMD changes for FarmWorks v1.8.61
5209 Stock Recorder Web Updates
5219 Web updates mark files as Read Only
5253 FarmWorks and related manuals deployment
5259 FWMobile import/export buttons sometimes not active even though a mobile device is selected
5260 FW Mobile incorrect message after data import failure

If you are experiencing a problem you may find the answer in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section, or in the FarmWorks and Stock Recorder manuals available through the downloads section.

If you cannot find a related article or a solution to your problem or if you would prefer to deal with someone directly, then please contact us by email or telephone.

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