Prolapse Harness - Nylon

Simple, hygienic harness for use during lambing.

Standard, large and extra large

A competitively-priced nylon prolapse harness. This simple solution allows you to retain prolapses securely without resorting to stitching. It is hygienic and rot-resistant as well as being easy to apply. It holds everything in place, allowing the ewe to lamb normally. It can also be used with the ewe spoon and is available in standard, large and extra large sizes.

Picture of Prolapse Harness - Standard
Prolapse Harness - Standard

SKU: SR730
£15.00 excl VAT
Picture of Prolapse Harness - Large
Prolapse Harness - Large

SKU: SR729
£15.00 excl VAT
Picture of Prolapse Harness - Extra Large
Prolapse Harness - Extra Large

£15.00 excl VAT
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