Lambing Essentials Kit

Great for first-time and experienced lambers.

We’ve put together this handy kit with those easily forgotten but always needed items to get you started this season. Great for first-time and experienced lambers.

£55.00 excl VAT

What’s in the kit and why

  1. Ewe spoons - You have to act quickly when your ewes suffer prolapse and the ewe spoons provides a fast, secure treatment that’s easy to apply with or without a harness.
  2. Battles Lubricant - Indispensable. Probably the best on the market.
  3. Castration ring applicator - It’s light and easy to use.
  4. Castration rings - 250 rings.
  5. Strong iodine - Disinfect all the lambs’ navels straight after birth and avoid later complications.
  6. Tough anti-vac bottle - For feeding lambs. Boil-sterilize between uses. Ours last for years.
  7. Non-vac teats - Pack of four. You might need more later but these will get you started.
  8. Disposable gloves - Absolutely essential. A very popular product.
  9. Thermometer - Keep it in the box and you’ll always be able to find it again!
  10. Stomach tube - An essential tool for urgent colostrum needs. A real life-saver!
  11. Lambing instrument - Safe, dependable. Never be without one.
  12. Lamb macs 50pk - In high rainfall and cold weather, another essential addition to the kit.
  13. Lamb colostrum - Give new-born lambs a flying start with this high energy and antibody boost.
  14. Twin lamb drench - A pick-me-up for ewes with twin lamb symptoms. Use early for best effect.

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