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Lambing Essentials Kit

£85.00 excl VAT
Great for first-time and experienced lambers.

We’ve put together this handy kit with those easily forgotten but always needed items to get you started this season. Great for first-time and experienced lambers.

Product Code SOL-VLKIT

Product Description

What’s in the kit and why

  1. Ewe spoons– Pack of 4. You have to act quickly when your ewes suffer prolapse and the ewe spoons provides a fast, secure treatment that’s easy to apply with or without a harness.
  2. Obstetrical Lubricant– 500ml Bottle. Indispensable. Calving, Lambing, Kidding or Farrowing this is a must for the shed when manual intervention is required.
  3. Castration ring applicator- It’s light and easy to use, for castration or tail docking.
  4. Castration rings– Pack of 250 high quality castration or tail docking rings.
  5. Strong iodine- 500ml of iodine to disinfect all the lambs’ navels straight after birth and avoid later complications. Using this 7% strength iodine is perfect for disinfecting wound as well.
  6. Tough anti-vac bottle– This 450ml bottle is perfect for feeding lambs & Kids. Supplied with teat and easy to see measurements on the side of the bottle. Boil-sterilize between uses. Ours last for years.
  7. Non-vac teats -Pack of four teats to fit the anti-vac bottle. Isoprene teat with a unique moulded in vacuum release valve to make feeding easier.
  8. Disposable gloves– Arm length gloves is an essential for the shed, calving or lambing. Fits either hand. A very popular product.
  9. Thermometer– Accurate, easy-read digital thermometer for livestock use.
  10. Stomach tube– This 60 ml metered syringe is real life saver for getting colostrum into the lambs stomach quickly. Boosting its immune system and getting it to thrive.
  11. Lambing instrument– When there is a difficult lambing this light flexible instrument can provide some valuable extra reach. Safe, dependable. Never be without one.
  12. Lamb macs 50pk- In high rainfall and cold weather, another essential addition to the kit.
  13. Lamb volostrum– 1 x 50g sachet. Give new-born lambs a flying start with this high energy and antibody boost.
  14. Twin lamb drench– 150ml bottle. A fast acting drench you can administer to ewes carrying multiple lambs to give extra nutritional support.
  15. Shearwell Beanie Hat - One size 100% acrylic double layered beanie hat, to keep you warm in the lambing or calving shed. A winter essential!

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