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Other uses for tags

Personalised Key Rings

Excellent Value.

Wide range of personalised tags with key rings available. Great choice of print and image options. Please call to order.

Large Flag (single tag & key ring) from £1.65
Small Flag (single tag & key ring) from £1.65
SET Tag (single SET Tag & key ring) £1.22
SET Tag (multiple of 10 - same print - each)     £0.31
All prices plus VAT & delivery

Dog Tags

Identify your dogs using a tag attached to the collar. That way you'll be certain your dog can be identified should it run off while on a walk!

Horse Tack and Rugs

Do you have lots of horses? Easily and cheaply identify your rugs and tack with our ID tags. They are robust enough to withstand the weather and repeated washing.

Kayaks and canoes

Why not tag your kayak or canoe? It's an easy and inexpensive way of identifying your property and of course it's weatherproof as well.  

Key Rings

Always popular. We'll print the text you want to make your life a little easier.

Luggage Labels

Identify your luggage and make it stand out for easy identification on the airport carousel.

Name Tags

A special work event?  Need name labels for your staff?  Try tags from Shearwell.

Marine Applications

Whelk pots, nets, lobster pots.  Ideal permanent identification. 

Queue Pass

Got a busy event or a nightclub? Simplify queuing and entry with our tags. Printed or blank - it's up to you.


Need to identify trees but don't want the label falling off? Our tags will stand the test of time.

Wedding Place Names

For that special day, identify your table places in a unique way.

Please contact us for any other requests on 01643 841611

Shearwell is a founder member of ALIDMA, the industry body for UK animal identification manufacturers and suppliers