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Cattle Drench

Cattle Drench 2.5 l

Nutritionally rich, the Cattle Drench has been developed as a highly effective vitamin and mineral drench for calves, yearlings, cows and bulls. Nettex cattle drench can help balance nutritional shortfalls to give cattle an additional nutritional boost at key times of the year..

Drench calves/yearlings to help support liveweight gain and administer to cows when you want to counter calving stress and weight loss. And drench bulls to help boost energy, condition and fertility..


1-3 months - 15ml
3-6 months - 20ml
6-12 months - 30ml
Yearlings - 40ml
Cows/Bulls - 60ml

£60.00 excl VAT

Led Lenser Head Torch H3.2

Head Torch with 120 Lumens and 100 m Reach

The Led Lenser H3.2 is light and very easy to use. It features a dimmer switch so you can easily adjust the light for the different situations. The lamp head can be tilted up to 75 degrees to be able to direct the light where most needed. Compact head torch is perfect for the darker evenings, checking the sheep, checking the shed, checking the horses or for walking the dog.

· 120 Lumens
· 100 metres beam distance
· 60 hours run time
· 133g
· IPX4 – Protection against water splashing from any direction
· Dimming – Between 5 lumen & 120 lumen
· 2 x sets of 3 x AAA Batteries included
· 7 year warranty registration card included

Pdf Icon Quick User Guide

£24.95 excl VAT

Shearwell Neck Warmers

This versatile neck warmer can be worn in over 15 different ways, including as a face cloth as recommended by Gov.UK

Keep your neck warm when you're walking the dog, riding your horse , walking, cycling, gardening, running, skiing, and, of course, not forgetting farming. Also keep it handly so when you're out on the quad bike or stuck in the cold shed at lambing time, you've got something to hand that will keep the cold at bay. Don't get caught without one!

From £3.00 excl VAT

Wydale 5-Teat Calf Feeder

This popular Wydale 5-teat calf feeder is designed for fast, efficient group feeding. Designed to hang on the gate this feeder has 5 individual compartments which, when filled to the line, holds 2 litres, and when filled to the ridge along the back holds 3 litres per compartment.

Easy to maintain and keep clean

Length = 1270 mm
Weight = 9.5 kg
Width = 510 mm
Depth = 340 mm

£180.00 excl VAT

Heatwave Milk Warmer by Pyon

Warm milk delivery system for calves, lambs and goat kids

Heatwave Milk Warmer uses a heat exchange technology to heat the milk on demand instead of it always being warmed. This keeps the milk fresher for longer.

Suitable for feeding lambs, calves & goat kids.

Heatwave Milk Warmer includes both 4 x calf teats & 4 x lamb teats so you are set up for both. You could feed up to 30 calves or 50 lambs/goat kids. Easy to clean, needing just around 5 minutes once a day to keep in a good hygienic condition.

£425.00 excl VAT

Serrated Footrot Shears + Purple Spray - Special Offer

Buy these serrated Supersharp footrot shears together with the 500ml purple spray and enjoy a 10% price saving! .

The shears have proved very popular with farmers in real-world field conditions. Tough but also comfortable, they produce a good, clean cut on hooves. The Foot Master purple spray is the finishing touch to disinfect and support the animal's foot health.

£17.10 excl VAT

Supersharp Footrot Shears + Purple Spray - Special Offer

Buying the Supersharp footrot shears & the 500ml purple spray together will save you 10%

Teflon-coated steel blades, these foot rot shears last for years, simple blade lock to prevent opening accidently, foot trimming is made easy with the right tools. Incorporating the Foot Master purple spray to disinfect & rapidly support the health of the foot.

£15.25 excl VAT

Bottle Brush

41cm long & 6cm wide on the bristles.

Long enough for our calf & lamb bottles.

The ideal brush for reaching right into bottles and for cleaning just under the hard-to-catch areas by the neck.  Do the job right, with the right choice of brush.

£4.50 excl VAT

Green Caddy Tray

Keep your showing or grooming kit all in one place with this Green Caddy Tray. We also use ours to keep all our castration, sprays and tags together at lambing time. It fits securely over our lambing pen sides so going pen to pen is made easy and you don't have to leave it on the ground.

£4.50 excl VAT

Regent Safety Dealer Boot

The essential work boot, full grain Crazy Horse leather upper, heel ankle support with a steel toe cap & steel anti penetration midsole. Dual density PU sole. A comfy boot you can work all day in.

• EN ISO 20345:2011

From £45.00 excl VAT

Sheep Hats – 100% British Wool

This 100% British Wool hat has come from the roaming sheep on the Pennine Hills. Made in England using a traditional patchwork pattern it will give you a warm luxurious feel.

If ordered with British Wool Scarf you will save £2.00

Colours may vary

- One size

From £6.00 excl VAT

Sheep Scarf – 100% British Wool

This 100% British Wool scarf uses wool from sheep roaming the Pennine Hills. It is made in England and features a traditional patchwork design. It feels warm and luxurious around your neck. For family or just treat yourself. You're worth it!

If ordered with British Wool Hat you will save £2.00

Colours may vary

- One size

From £8.00 excl VAT

Sheep Throw – 100% British Wool

This 100% British Wool throw uses wool from sheep roaming the Pennine Hills. It is made in England using a traditional patchwork pattern and you can be sure it will feel warm and luxurious.

Curl up with it watching TV or transform the look of your bedroom or living room. It makes a great decorative piece for your home. It features a beautiful sheep detail and it measures 5ft x 4ft.

Colours may vary

From £45.00 excl VAT

Air Flex Waterproof Jacket

The Air Flex Jacket is fully waterproof & breathable. Extremely lightweight with a double storm flap with zip & studs. With a concealed hood & large pockets this is a must for farmers, gardeners & small holders to keep dry.

The Air Flex Waterproof Jacket is that rare thing - a garment both fully waterproof and comfortably breathable (so you don’t end up sweaty inside!). It’s a very lightweight jacket and features a double storm flap that is studded for easy fastening and unfastening. The pockets are large and useful with flaps to keep out rain. Seams are also welded for a secure dry feel.

Perfect for farmers, smallholders, gardeners - and anyone else who needs to be outside and to stay dry in all weathers.

From £23.00 excl VAT

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Latex-free disposable gloves

High quality 9’’ Large, powder-free gloves sold in dispenser boxes containing 100 gloves. These gloves are strong and are used widely for all sorts of examination and treatment procedures and are a popular choice among farmers and vets.

• Maximum coverage and protection
• For moderate to high exposure to fluids or chemicals
• Powder-free and natural rubber latex-free
• Textured fingertips
• Ambidextrous
• Length: 9.5 in. and 12 in.
• 12-inch version NFPA 1999-2013 Certified

£15.00 excl VAT

Battles Ewe Drink 150ml

Battles Ewe Drink is used to restore ewes to normal health after lambing, a tonic and cordial to give that little bit of a pick-me-up.

Suitable also for helping with chills and fever as well as exhaustion. Easy to administer

£3.40 excl VAT

Hoof Proof Bucket - 15 l Red

Traditional multi-purpose stable bucket – but with a difference.

This Hoof Proof bucket has a lip for accurate pouring and it is manufactured using a highly durable and malleable material that you can actually push back into shape if it gets trodden on, for example. This makes it a really useful bucket to have around the farm.

• 15 l capacity
• Metric and Imperial measuring scale inside
• For farm, work-site or home and garden
• Strong, metal handle
• Pouring lip for accuracy
• Red
• 26 cm high, 35 cm diameter
• Easy to push back into shape. Very durable.

£6.00 excl VAT

Scoop & Pour Bucket - 14 l Black

Not all buckets are created equal!

And with a flat edge to scoop feed efficiently and a lip for accurate pouring, this versatile, practical bucket will become your go-to scooping/pouring/feeding tool everywhere on the farm.

• 14 litre capacity
• Measuring scale in gallons and litres inside
• Durable, metal handle
• Flat-edged scoop side with pouring lip on the other
• Black
• 26 cm (10.5”) tall, 35 cm (14”) wide
• Weight: 621 g

£4.50 excl VAT

Shearwell Shed Essentials Bucket

Get your shed stocked up with this Shearwell Shed Essentials Kit.

Full of useful products that you are always looking for in the farm shed.

£78.00 excl VAT

Metal Currycomb with Mane Comb

This metal currycomb with mane comb is suitable for use in both cattle & horses.

• Galvanized
• 8 open rows
• Quadruple wire bearing
• Colourless top coat
• Includes mane comb
• Fine-toothed
• Wooden handle

£6.50 excl VAT

Air Flex Bib N Brace

The Air Flex Bib N Brace is fully waterproof & with breathable PU fabric so you don’t end up sweaty! Extremely lightweight with a zipped chest pocket, very handy for phone or pen knife.

With welded seams & ankle adjustments this flexible waterproof is perfect to work in.

From £19.00 excl VAT

Air Flex Trousers

The Air Flex Waterproof Trousers are breathable & extremely lightweight. With welded seams & ankle adjustments they are comfy to wear so perfect for farmers, smallholders & gardeners alike.

From £14.00 excl VAT

Battles Foot Health Spray

Battles Foot Health Aerosol maintains foot health in sheep. This spray can will treat approximately 150 sheep. With a valve that allows you to either spray upright or in the upside-down position making it easier to apply. Contains a blue dye for ease of identifying the application.

£10.50 excl VAT

Battles Stockholm Tar 5kg

Traditional antibacterial application used for disinfecting and wound protection.

A traditional, antibacterial black tar.  A 100% natural product for promoting skin health in livestock and also useful for horses' hooves.

£40.00 excl VAT

Draw Off Caps

For all self-filling syringes with tube attachments. Pack of 3 including

1 x 20 mm white for bottle size of 50/100 ml
1 x 30 mm blue for bottle size of 250/500 ml
1 x 33 mm green for bottle size of 500 ml and more

£12.00 excl VAT

Hypodermic Needles

12 in each pack. Multi-use hypodermic needles for use on livestock.

Quality, multi-use hypodermic needles with Luer lock fitting. The first number (in front of the G) indicates the gauge of the needle. The higher the number, the thinner the needle. The second number indicates its length.

Sharps should be disposed of in a secure container.

Advice on the safe use and disposal of sharps can be found on Health and Safety Executive website:

From £2.20 excl VAT

Kerbl ECO-MATIC® Drench Guns

Self-filling, automatic syringe for drenching sheep and cattle as well as for pour-on applications. Available in 12.5 ml, 30 ml and 70 ml sizes.

Drenching routines can be really laborious without the right equipment. This comfortable-to-hold and operate drench gun is robust and durable while still being lightweight. Dosage control is simple using a dosage wheel. The drench gun is supplied with a hose.

The Kerbl design is easy and comfortable to operate and it is a dependable tool that will give long service.

From £29.00 excl VAT

Ovaloid Capsule Administration Gun

Ovaloid Capsule Administration Gun.

This device is for easy administration of Battles Ovaloids and Trace Element Tablets. The set contains the two different ends needed for the separate products.

£8.50 excl VAT

Penarth Hoodie Jacket

The Penarth Hooded Fleece lined jacket will keep you nice and warm on those cold days. They are 100% acrylic fabric with a polyester fleece lining. Two breast pockets and 2 angled side pockets with a zipped front closure.

Coming in colours Red, Green or Blue

From £22.00 excl VAT

Strong Iodine Solution

Extra strength disinfectant.

Available in 500ml, 1 litre, 2 litres and 5 litres

Strong iodine solution is the preferred method for drying and disinfecting wounds, umbilical cords, etc.

Battles Strong Iodine Solution contains iodine and potassium iodide in 2-propanol, and is suitable for sheep, cattle, pigs, goats and poultry.

7% strength iodine.

From £10.00 excl VAT

Tattersall Shirt

Available in two colours, Blue and Green.

With 65% polyester and 35% cotton shirt is a brushed woven fabric for warmth and comfort. It has a single breast pocket with a pleated back and twin needle stitching.

Perfect for all year around wear for work or leisure.

From £12.00 excl VAT

V-Flex Bandages

V-Flex bandage is easy to apply, self-adhesive and water resistant. The bandage material will stick to itself for easy application but it does not stick to skin or hair.

Do not apply to an open wound.

10cm width and 2m or 4.5m in length when stretched.

Available in Black and Green

From £2.00 excl VAT


Sturdy 10-wire steel whisks.

30 cm and 40 cm length options

Proper mixing of colostrum and supplements is essential to ensuring your animals achieve a quick and efficient uptake of nutrients and a fast response. And when the whisk is in continual use, a lightweight one simply won't cut it in the long term.

These steel whisks are made to last, featuring 10 strong, durable wires with a good-sized handle for a secure grip. These are the ones we use on the farm and they have proved themselves time and time again.

From £6.00 excl VAT

Woodbridge Shirt

Work shirts should be comfortable and hard-wearing. Which is why we have sourced 'The Woodbridge Shirt' from the well-known Fort Workwear clothing brand. Made from a 55% Cotton/ 45% Polyester mix, the cut is generous and intended for real work situations. It features a single chest pocket and has a straight hem.

Available in Green/Navy mix

From £14.00 excl VAT

Wydale 5 Teat Lamb / Kid Feeder

The Wydale 5 teat feeder serves lambs or kids and has been developed for fast but efficient group feeding and also for enhanced milk digestion. It's easy to hang and secure and the teats are positioned to provide a natural drinking position. This in turn helps with digestion of the milk and can reduce scour and bloat.

5 individual stations each holding 1 litre per compartment. Easy to clean with teats suitable for lambs or kids.

Length = 610 mm
Width = 260 mm
Depth = 160 mm

£36.85 excl VAT
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