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Tru-Test - XR5000

£2,264.00 excl VAT
Management decisions made easy.

The ultimate Indicator designed to capture a wide range of animal information needed to help make the most of well informed, profitable decisions at the weigh site. Optimise breeding programmes, quickly identify poor performers and catch animal health issues early.

Tru-Test’s unique Superdamp™ weighing technology has proven itself for speed and accuracy since it was developed 10 years ago. Combined with a rugged design, suitable for even the most extreme outdoor farm environments, Tru-Test’s weigh scales indicators have earned a global reputation as the animal weight capture and data management solution.

And now we have developed the next generation. The 5000 series.

The XR5000 is faster to set up and access information, with a high brightness screen that is clearly visible in the yards. It also has more options to speed up data transfer and increased storage capacity.

It’s never been easier to track the performance of your animals and make better informed decisions.

Product Code SDL-XR5000BT

Product Description

Store up to 1 million records in 1000 weighing sessions and record up to 100 pieces of information for each animal.
Range of features to calculate and visualise performance of individual animals or groups.
Up to 10-way drafting by any criteria.
Pre-loaded common setups or save own favourite setups to easily switch between jobs.
Calculate target weights.
Track, apply and manage treatments e.g. type, dosage, withholding periods, set alarms.


  • The 7” high brightness display automatically switches between indoor and outdoor mode making it viewable even in the harshest light conditions
  • Accurate live weights captured quickly with Superdamp™ III technology
  • Quick access keys and keypad avoids dirty fingers on screen
  • Built-in step-by-step instructions and pop-up help
  • Quickly transfer information through your mobile device (Android* or Apple*), USB memory stick or computer
    (Microsoft Windows*)
  • Link wirelessly or by cables to other devices eg Electronic ID readers, auto drafters, barcode scanners and more
  • Water, dust and shock proof IP67 case
  • Long life battery: 10 hrs with backlight on and 13 hrs with backlight off


DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) 260 mm x 225 mm x 65 mm (10 1/4 x 9˝ x 2 1/2˝)
WEIGHT 1.75 kg (3.85 lbs)
BATTERY LIFE 10 hours (backlight on), 13 hours (backlight off)
CHARGING TIME 7 hours in normal conditions
INGRESS PROTECTION IP67, 100% waterproof and dust proof
DRAFTING / SORTING RANGES Up to 10-way drafting

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